Best 7 Top IT/Software Companies in Pune

List of top IT/ Software companies in Pune based on overall experience of employees.

Best 7 Top IT/Software Companies in Pune

accounting for a significant portion of the GDP year on year in India, Information Technology has played a important part in the nation's development and development, to the point that a variety of business and political officials believe that it can be the driving force behind the future of the modern India. India's IT expertise has attracted global attention in the area of investment. Between 2000 and 2019, Foreign Direct Investment in India has been around USD 39.4 Billion. Principal areas of investment under IT that are being made in India comprise Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation and many more.

IT or information technology (IT) refers to the computer's use to keep or retrieve data or information. IT is usually used in the operation of businesses in contrast to personal or entertainment technology. IT is thought of as an aspect of information and communication technology (ICT). All over the world it is believed that IT is a major part of the Information Technology sector is a sector that is experiencing rapid change and changing the structure of Indian business practices. The sector encompasses a variety of aspects, including consulting, software development as well as software management, online services, and the business outsourcing of processes (BPO). In essence, the activities of many organizations will slow down to a crawl if they did not have functioning IT systems. "IT can provide the edge a company needs to outsmart, outpace and out-deliver competitors," says Edward Kiledjian.


Since its inception more than 25 years back in 1995, Thoughtworks has grown from an insignificant team of employees in Chicago to a renowned global software consulting firm with over 6000 employees in the present. Based on its roots in custom-designed systems and agile technology delivery Thoughtworks has been at the forefront of the development of tech principles that are used by the most successful companies in the world. It has invested heavily in its organic expansion and built on the design, strategy as well as the data and engineering skills needed to deliver an integrated solution to the toughest problems of our clients. In India itself it has more than 10 offices spread across states such as Bengaluru, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, NCR etc.


isco was established around 1984, by an interdisciplinary group of computer researchers of Stanford University. Since the beginning of the company, Cisco engineers have been pioneers in the creation of Internet Protocol-based networking technologies. Today, with over 71,000 employees in the world the company's tradition of innovation is maintained with world-class products and solutions within the core areas of development of routing and switching as well as the latest technologies, such as wireless home networks, IP telephony, optical networking security, storage networking and even wireless tech. In addition to the services, Cisco provides a broad selection of services that include technical support as well as advanced services.

Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd

Microsoft India Private Limited is an affiliate of the American software firm Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. every major Indian cities, including Kochi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata and more. The IT entrepreneur has six business departments in India including Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited, Microsoft IT India (MSIT India), Microsoft Services Global Delivery (MSGD), Microsoft Research India (MSR India), Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (MCIPL), Microsoft India Global Technical Support Center (IGTSC). Microsoft India strives to enable digital transformation in the age of an intelligent cloud as well as smart edge. With a plan for this change Microsoft India is leading the IT sector with its innovation and initiative.


Mindbowser based in Pune, young-focused company that provides expert tech teams and solutions to entrepreneurs and companies. Its mission is to help promote and enhance businesses, Mindbowser allows their clients to cut down on time and refine the foundations of revolutionary platforms, and turn the tide for critical-path initiatives that result in significant changes that move needles and high return. Customers of the company are featured on numerous platforms, including ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Discovery Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and more. and have also had success in their exits. The clients also have been awarded millions of funding from investors with marquee names like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Simons Foundation, The Carson family charitable trust, and many others.


Talentica Software is a product development company that aids entrepreneurs create the products of their choice. Talentica helps tech companies turn their ideas into products that are successful through collaboration in their journey starting with pre-funded startup companies to a profitable acquisition. Talentica has been able to build the core intellectual property of more than 100 clients to date. The company has extensive technological know-how, a demonstrated track record, and unique approach necessary to develop unique products with success. Their clients include the most innovative firms in the field of product design throughout all of the USA, Europe and India.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational corporation that provides IT (IT) as well as BPO (BPO) solutions. A part belonging to the Mahindra Group, the company is located at Pune as well as having its headquarters located in Mumbai. As of April , 2020, Tech Mahindra is a US$5.2 billion business across 90 countries. In addition to being a trusted customer business, Tech Mahindra was ranked as the 5th most trusted IT company in India and #47 overall in the Fortune India 500 list for the year 2019.


PubMatic is an Redwood City located in California that empowers app developers and publishers to manage and optimize their digital advertising business. It allows advertisers to maximize revenue by engaging and reaching their audience in premium, brand-safe environments across all ad formats and devices. From 2006 onwards, PubMatic has created an efficient and globally-connected infrastructure and is at the forefront of programming technology. Based in the USA, PubMatic operates 14 offices and eight data centers around the world. In India PubMatic operates two offices situated in Pune as well as New Delhi.