BDO QR Code and How to do QR Code withdrawals in BDO ATMs



Step 1: Open and Login to your BDO Digital Banking App on your smartphone
Step 2: Tap "Send Money" on your BDO Digital Banking app
Step 3: Tap "via QR" and scan a QR code or upload an image
Step 4: Choose the account from which you'd like to send money, and enter the amount
Step 5: Review the details carefully, then tap "Confirm" to complete the transaction


How to do QR Code withdrawals in BDO ATMs

BDO Unibank, Inc. has now introduced new ATMs that allow clients to make withdrawals without a card and based on a QR code. QR code withdrawals will initially be available at select ATMs in Makati, but will soon be introduced nationwide.

"QR code withdrawals are now available in the Philippines," said Tovi Mendoza, senior vice president of BDO Unibank and director of ATM Network & Applied Payment Solutions. "Now our clients can enjoy faster and more convenient transactions and, above all, reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection because they do not have much contact with the ATM surface."

Mendoza added that the new service benefits those who are encouraged to stay at home for their health and safety. "Despite our security checks, however, we remind our clients to carefully pass on their QR codes for withdrawals to others," Mendoza said.

Steps in making QR Code withdrawals

1. Generate a QR code using the BDO application. To generate a QR code, log in to the BDO Digital Banking application. Click "More" from the options. Select "Extract" and then "Via QR." Select an account, enter the amount and save the QR code.

2. Each QR code is unique for each selection transaction. This only applies for 24 hours to protect your account. BDO stated that the QR code for withdrawals is different from the QR code for the account used to send money.

3. Use the QR code to select at ATMs. To select, tap "Transactions with QR code" on the ATM screen and have the device scan your QR code. Choose whether you want a receipt or not, and then wait for the machine to hand you the money.

In addition to using the QR code for personal withdrawals, you can share it with others so that they can withdraw without your card or PIN. With your permission, of course.

How to do QR Code withdrawals at BDO ATM.

There are currently more than 100 ATMs with QR support in Makati City. This year, the bank plans to install several modernized machines throughout the country. Learn more about this feature, and find a branch near you at