How to get a Taguig TRACE QR code?

Taguig TRACE (Taguig Registry for Access and Citizen Engagement) is a contact tracking application used by various institutions in Taguig City. Users can scan QR codes in stores and vice versa instead of manually filling in contact sheets.

How to get a Taguig TRACE QR code?

How to get a QR code in TRACE Taguig?

Taguig TRACE (Taguig Registry for Access and Citizen Engagement) is a contact tracing app being used in various establishments in the City of Taguig. Users can scan QR codes of establishments and vice versa instead of manually filling out contact tracing sheets.

The system provides a form for digital health declarations, health notifications, digital QR code identification, local and national COVID-19 updates, and notifications from the Taguig city government.

TRACE can also help check where the virus has spread and alert people immediately if they are at risk of infecting and infecting others.

Také has also been extended from the contact tracking tool for Covid-19 to the register for other city services provided by the city, such as vaccinations, health benefits and social services. Residents, workers and visitors to the city are invited to register with TRACE Taguig and generate a QR code.

How to get a QR code in TRACE Taguig?

There are two ways to register to Taguig TRACE. Either through the mobile application or through the web application.

Through Web application:

  1. You can go to their website and click Get Started.
  2. Then you will prompt to fill-up to their portal
  3. If you don’t have login information yet, then you will have to sign up first to their portal.
  4. Complete and answer the survey (Self-Assessment) then complete the required information.
  5. You now have your own Taguig QR code which you may use to enter public and private establishments and transacting with the City Government.

Through Mobile Application

  1. You can download the mobile application in play store through this link:
  2. Register an account.
  3. Fill out the required information as well as the survey (Self-assessment).
  4. You can now generate your Tagugu QR code which you can use when entering establishments in the City.

This is to make the tracing faster for the people who made contact to a patient with the covid19 virus, this is a great initiative for the government of Taguig.


For all concerns regarding vaccination registration, you may send an email to
or Call their Registration Hotlines listed below:

  • 0906-056-8065
  • 0927-775-8129
  • 0935-226-7300
  • 0936-676-1812
  • 0956-630-5381
  • 0956-630-5382
  • 0956-630-5389


  • 0961-704-4001
  • 0961-704-4002
  • 0961-704-4293
  • 0919-463-6257
  • 0920-479-7610
  • 0938-567-0828