Top 7 Cool Robots | Advanced and Popular Robots of 2022

Robots in 2022 will change the world we know and help us understand the world we don't know. Let's highlight some of these awesome machines and see how they can change not only the way we interact with ourselves but also the universe around us.

Top 7 Cool Robots | Advanced and Popular Robots of 2022

List of 7 Cool, Advanced and Popular Robots of 2022:

1) Mars Perseverance & Ingenuity

1-credit-NASA-1024x693.jpg (1024×693)

Image credit: NASA

Mars is a planet inhabited only by robots. The two latest versions of the Mars family of robots are NASA's new Perseverance rover  and  the amazing payloads Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity.
Perseverance will sound familiar  to many given the popularity of early Mars rovers such as Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity. Packed with sensors, drills, and collecting tools, Perseverance is an amazing technology, but Ingenuity is something else.
Ingenuity will be the first man-made object to attempt flight in the ultra-thin Martian atmosphere. The technology  Ingenuity is testing could help achieve what even the best rover could not dream of.

2) Moley the robotic chef

2-1024x683.jpg (1024×683) Image credit: Moley Robotics

Let's go down from the star above and take a look  closer to the house: the kitchen. Meet Moley, the world's first fully robotic kitchen.  Moley is  far  from Star Trek's food replicator magic, but it could be suboptimal.
With two robotic arms, Moley can cook the perfect meal, tell you when to change ingredients, suggest meals based on ingredients, find your favourites, and even clean kitchen surfaces if it's messy.

The Moley does not have a robotic arm, but is also available in a lighter version that  offers a touch screen, smart technology and a recipe database. For this setup, the price  is a modest $135,000. Of course, everyone wants it, so I'm willing to pay up to $340,000 for a complete install with a robotic arm.

3) Toyota’s robotic butler

3.jpg (1440×911)

Image credit: Popular Mechanics

If you don't have enough robot kitchens and roombas, the smart people at Toyota Research Institute (TRI) are here to help. Inspired by Japan's aging population, TRI engineers decided to build a house for robot butlers to work in. It can do everything from cleaning surfaces to lightly opening drinks.
A disadvantage of this design is that the robot butler must install scaffolding on the ceiling or wall of each room where the robot will operate. They are working to create a robotic butler that can work without a scaffold, but  will suffer from the same mobility problems as other home robots have with ladders and obstacles. Scaffolding a house with a hanging robot may not be the most aesthetic project, but it gives our aging population hope to live longer in their own homes  with a robot butler who is on duty 24/7 in all circumstances. You may need it.

4) Spot by Boston Dynamics

spot-arm-new-gray2x.jpg (1000×750)

Image credit: Boston Dynamics

If you like robot kitchens and butlers, what about  robot dogs? Boston Dynamics, which is indispensable for robots, has developed the multi-purpose robot dog Spot. The
Spot is not really designed to be used as a  pet. With a base price  of $745,000, the Spot is built for industrial use. Stains can enter small spaces in mines, construction sites, and areas that can be hazardous to inspectors.

5) Digit by Agility Robotics

5-1024x683.jpg (1024×683)

Image credit: Agility Robotics

Produced by Agility Robotics, Digit is a headless, but vaguely humanoid, in the spirit of  industrial robots. Equipped with sensors, two arms, and two legs, the Digit can navigate challenging environments that other robotic operators can't handle.
With the ability to walk, run, or climb stairs  and a relatively low price  of $250,000, Digit is emerging as a major competitor in the race to automate  manual tasks in the workplace.

6) Atlas by Boston Dynamics

6-1-1024x768.jpeg (1024×768) Image credit: Boston Dynamics

We have  another entry on this list from  Boston Dynamics - Atlas, the world's most dynamic humanoid robots. The Atlas disaster response robot debuted on July 11, 2013 at the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). The Atlas was a giant at the time at 6'2 '' tall and 330 pounds connected to an external power source and computer system.
Since then, Athas has been transformed into something  like a ballerina. Weighing less than 5 feet and weighing 187 pounds, the Atlas connects to almost human joints and can operate without a leash.

7) Guardian XO Exoskeleton

7-1024x576.jpg (1024×576)

Image credit: Sarcos Robotics

If you've ever dreamed of making your own Ironman power suit, Sarcos Robotics can help. It can't shoot laser beams  or launch rockets with its feet, but Sarcos' Guardian XO exoskeleton gives us human superhuman powers, at least until the battery runs out. The
Guardian XO Exoskeleton, capable of increasing human strength up to 20 times (lift up to 200 lbs), is used in dozens of industries. Everyone in the manufacturing, warehousing and defense industries is looking for ways to incorporate exoskeletons into their operations. And with a rent of $100,000 per year, it looks like the sci-fi promise of exoskeletons is finally coming true.

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