The 5 Best Robotics Youtube Channels You Must Checkout

The 5 Best Robotics Youtube Channels You Must Checkout

Robotics remains one of the most popular topics people want to post videos  on YouTube. If you're looking to buy cheap YouTube likes, you should know that content creators are one way to get the engagement rate they want. 

However, if you know about robotics and can use it as a theme to develop  interesting videos, you are more likely to succeed. For those of you wondering what means, we've rounded up  the 10 most popular and subscribed robotics video channels. Perhaps you can check out these channels and decide which ones to use as models for your own robotics-based content.

Robotiq TV

Robotiq TV is a great place to start. This is a publication that relies on the following qualities of its viewers:

  • You love everything that has to do with robots.
  • You are not yet a robot expert.
  • You love to see how  gadgets are used in everyday life.
  • There are many favorite videos on how to make and use captures and how to attach and use a wrist camera. They also try to explain everything intuitively so you can keep an eye on them at home when trying to build something out of the same.

Vex Robotics TV

Vex Robotics TV is the place to learn about Hero Bot's latest attacks. It's a very basic robot that you customize in many ways. Each new version can do different things, and each  is slightly more advanced than the previous version. 

Vex sells a DIY robotics kit and comes with these tutorial videos. If you're having trouble assembling your kit, here are  some tips to help you see and learn. Each kit contains sensors, motors, controllers and many other fun components.

Robotics Trends

It is a popular channel that is in high demand when it comes to improving our daily life with artificial intelligence and other forms of robotics. If you're looking to buy AI-driven technology, you can see what we post about the latest developments in this fast-growing and changing field. 

They have about 200,000 subscribers. This is impressive considering that this is a smaller and more independent channel without  the serious support found on other channels. Their proposals include discussions of drone delivery, ping-pong robots, and more.

ABB Robotics

ABB channels are primarily concerned with:

  • Robots for use in  industrial environments.
  • The impact of industrialization on different parts of society.

Sometimes they cover topics like robot exhibitions and what happens there. Another video shows what aquatic plants do and how the robot moves. 

This may not be an ideal choice for those unfamiliar with the basics of robotics. If you already have a solid foundation in the field, that's fine, but if you're relatively new to the field, some  technical terminology in this video may turn your head.

Aldebaran Robotics

This is probably one of the best channels that have successfully covered the field of robotics. Aldebaran was a company that eventually developed into SoftBank Robotics. The main reason for the change was that the company wanted to make it more accessible and recognized as a global leader in humanoid programmable robots. 

There are many videos on their channel talking about this. If you ever thought that  at some point in the not-too-distant future you might have a robot friend that is very similar to your life, you might want to visit this place. They make robots like NAO and Pepper. You will soon be able to acquire and interact with them.