Best tools for monitoring IoT devices

The use of devices that work independently is a time saver since you can leave them to accomplish the task that they were designed to do.

Best tools for monitoring IoT devices


A security camera can be among the most popular IoT devices currently in use. One of these cameras' major security risks is that they can be lost or damaged, so it is essential to secure the security cameras. The use of devices that work independently is a time saver since you can leave them to accomplish the task that they were designed to do. However, remote-placed, unsupervised equipment is required to be monitored, and the most efficient method is to use an automated monitoring system .

Computers or servers as well as other computers understand that they must monitor their equipment and network's performance. Monitoring is available in a range of forms, such as safety systems as well as performance and monitoring of usage. IoT devices are the same as desktop computers. They are limited in capacity and require inspection to ensure that they function efficiently to provide the best value. It's neither practical nor economical to pay a person to constantly monitor the system terminals that every IoT services use; as such purchasing the automated monitoring system is a feasible alternative.

A tool for automatic monitoring establishes benchmarks for performance and alerts users when a devices' statuses is above that threshold. This method eliminates the need for IT personnel to keep an eye on IoT devices continuously. The performance thresholds are typically set in a way that gives enough time to resolve an issue prior to it becomes crucial. In the end, support staff can concentrate on other tasks and deal with issues related to IoT devices only after an alert is alerted. The use of a monitoring tool to handle the entire equipment's performance has proved extremely efficient for IT teams that are responsible in managing offices networks. Similar principles apply with Internet of Things devices .

Challenges in IoT Device Monitoring

An IoT device's primary characteristic is that it comes with a processor and is connected with the Internet. If the IoT device is connected to your personal network or to the Internet in a direct manner, they can be connected to the Internet. There is no need to examine every device to update its firmware as the manufacturer can do this automatically via the Internet.

There are numerous aspects to take into consideration in relation to internet-connected devices. Any device that the manufacturer or owner can modify remotely is secure for hackers. Manufacturers often generate the system administrator login as well as password by default, when the firmware is installed and all systems made by the manufacturer employ the same passwords.

The owners of IoT devices must put security first The primary step to take is change the password of the administrator account for each device. Also, using a one shared password for every device creates a security risk If an attacker is able to guess that password, the entire system of devices is at risk. If you have a large number of IoT devices creating distinct passwords and keeping each one is a daunting task. This is a task that needs the help by an automatic tool. IoT monitoring and management software keeps an eye on the health and security of the machines.

The best tools to monitor IoT devices

There are a variety of methods for monitoring IoT devices on the market at present. But there are many that are worth the effort. You could spend a amount of money, time analyzing these tools, but you will come up empty. The primary issue you'll confront is that you'll likely be confused about what to look for or which aspects to focus on. This is the reason that led the creation of this guide. We looked around to find the top IoT devices monitoring software and narrowed down the list to the seven best contenders.


MetricFire provides an entire software and infrastructure monitoring platform built on a set of open-source tools for monitoring servers. MetricFire offers Graphite along with Hosted Prometheus configurations that enable monitoring of real-time metrics using completely customized Grafana Dashboards .

MetricFire Advantages:

  • Hosted Graphite comes with all of those features vanilla Graphite does not have.
  • Beautiful Grafana dashboards to view your data
  • Storage for long-term use
  • Technical assistance from experts when needed
  • Alerts for crucial incidents (Via emails, VictorOps, PagerDuty, Webhooks and more)
  • Automates and alter anything with the built-in APIs. Lets you collaborate and share your team's information or even restrict access to your data.

AWS IoT Device Management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing giant that offers a variety of features for system administration as well as remote space for service. AWS IoT Device Monitoring (IoTDM) is one particular module of the Amazon cloud services family.

AWS IoT Device Management is cloud-based service that is accessible via the internet from any place and can manage devices anywhere in the world. The software is simple to set up and use thanks to the help guides that cover almost every single operation.

Devices can be maintained and listed either in batches or in isolation. Administrators can set up groups of devices that can perform routine automated tasks on any device that is comparable without having to repeat each operation.

Updates and patches can be controlled, changes to configurations can be distributed and passwords are controlled on all platforms. Secure encryption is employed to secure connections to devices and also an VPN solution to ensure complete confidentiality. Log-collecting services permit to integrate IoT devices into a larger SIEM system. AWS IoT Device Defender is an element of the system that tracks performance and behaviors to check for availability and spot any hacker activity.

Senseye PdM

PdM means " predictive maintenance ," and Senseye PdM is all about monitoring robots on the floor of factories for malfunctions. This IoT device monitoring system is designed for industrial equipment and employs machine learning techniques to predict when preventive maintenance is required.

The PdM tool provides the window of opportunity to maintain the plant, allowing the plant's management team to schedule maintenance outside of critical production hours. Since the system operates cloud-based and cloud-based, it is able to be accessed from any place in the world. This allows headquarters staff to manage manufacturing facilities all over the world from one location.

TeamViewer IoT

TeamViewer is well-known as a teleconferencing and remote access services. However, the company also provides Remote Device Monitoring software that is capable of controlling Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Because TeamViewer IoT is an cloud-based application it allows for users to perform the management and control of IoT devices that are located across the globe from a single point. As a well-known supplier of conference services, TeamViewer was also able to incorporate collaboration capabilities into its monitoring software. This allows an production engineer from the HQ to work with a local manager of manufacturing to increase the efficiency in the use of IoT devices. Furthermore, the remote manager is able to control IoT devices using the TeamViewer application .

TeamViewer's IoT monitoring service isn't only restricted to monitoring industrial robots. In addition, it is adept at monitoring security and antivirus systems . Services and encryption are employed to secure every communication as well as this IoT management system permits the enhancement of security for specific devices. TeamViewer IoT is an free app that lets you keep track of 2 IoT devices.


SkySpark's monitoring system collects all data that is available from smart devices and filter it to identify relevant metrics that indicate the performance, capacity and use .

The problem with a variety of firmwares for smart devices isn't that they are lacking methods to create performance data , but rather that they often produce excessive data . The process of identifying crucial information is a specific task that is integrated into SkySpark. SkySpark software . SkySpark can be described as a cloud-based software which can be accessed from any place. The dashboard offers insights into capacity utilization by highlighting areas where task distribution is not equal. It allows the identification of processes obstructions and the shifting of tasks to increase the ROI from IoT devices.

SkySpark's analytical capabilities evaluate every device's settings and determine whether the device is set to its intended purpose. This improves the chances of getting the most value out of IoT investments. Its SkySpark IoT monitor continuously monitors the performance and behavior of all devices in the company regardless of location. A system of alerts alerts to any issues that are emerging on time and allows devices to be fixed. Furthermore an process of demand assessment procedure recommends the best timing to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in operation when needed.

Datadog IoT Monitoring

Datadog is cloud-based infrastructure monitoring software that has particular methods for tracking Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Although the Datadog service's processing units and the dashboard are stored within Datadog servers, agent software is installed on every IoT device.

Monitoring agent Monitoring Agent can collect data and communicating with Datadog servers, in a bidirectional way. All communication is encrypted to stop hackers from stealing the data. The agent can help to strengthen the security of devices through allowing each the administrator passwords of a fleet to be assigned an unique, secure string. The firmware that is used by IoT devices can be equipped to run the Agent. In these cases, Datadog may gather data via software APIs for firmware . The Datadog service keeps track of hundreds of statuses simultaneously by using the thresholds of performance alerts . The solution also concentrates on hardening the configuration and protecting and security monitoring.


In the area of IoT monitoring and management of devices, Domotz has an impressive range of features. Since the service is subscription-based and has an affordable monthly fee per device, it's the ideal option for companies of any size. It is also suitable for small enterprises, who could avail the full array of services for an affordable price that covers only one area.

All communications between the monitored devices and the Domotz server as well as the connection between the console and the user software is encrypted. Domotz's dashboard is accessible using any web browser and from any other location. The system creates a topological map of the IoT network. There is no limit on the amount of devices that could be added to the service at a fixed cost per website. The services' capabilities are power supply management, ONVIF support with security cameras, as well as the incorporation of alerts to intruders.

Domotz incorporates security services like on-demand VPN access as well as security checks for perimeter networks. The Domotz system is integrated with ticketing systems and connect to PSA services, which makes it perfect for service suppliers managed by a company. It's also a great alternative for multi-site businesses who wish to focus their technical expertise on one platform due to the cost of one service per site and monitoring of the WAN connection. Domotz is a month-tomonth service that does not require any commitment. Domotz provides a free trial of 21 days to test their IoT monitoring service.


IoT devices are valuable assets and their actions could significantly improve your business's profits. If you're not in control of those IoT devices, you're not making the most of their potential and are at risk of having an IoT failure bring your business to a standstill. The monitoring of IoT devices is essential for managing the company. There are numerous excellent IoT monitoring software solutions for devices in the present and the ones we have listed in this article are certainly worth trying. Furthermore, MetricFire is our first choice to monitor IoT devices. It defines performance requirements which monitor device health in real time, freeing support staff to perform other tasks.