How to register to ARK Maasin City portal QR code

Passengers arriving in Maasin and/or passing through the city must register and generate their QR codes on the ARK portal, the city's official contact tracing system. The contact tracing system provided by ARTECH is currently operational in several provinces, including the local governments of Albuera in Leyte and Villarreal in Samara, among others.

How to register to ARK Maasin City portal QR code

 How to register in ARK Maasin City QR code portal 

 Follow these simple steps below. 

 Step 1. In your browser (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, Edge etc.) go to to start the registration; 

 step 2. Fill out the form with your information, making sure to provide a valid email address and mobile phone number for verification and contact tracing; 

 Step 3. Check the box if you are an LSI/ROF and “Agree to the Terms” before clicking the “Register” button; 

 Step 4. IMPORTANT! Wait for the QR code. Reload if  QR code 

 ark-contact-tracing-maasin-qr-code does not appear 


 Step 5. IMPORTANT! Be sure to SAVE your QR code with a screenshot or upload the generated QR code.

If you do not keep a copy, you can only obtain it from LGU Maasin or the relevant barangay. You can also ask a question through its official Facebook page using the Maasin City QR code. Again,  you cannot register again after registering. 

 Pro tip: Print and laminate your QR code  to protect it from damage and make it easier to use.