Top 11 Best Money-Making Apps in Philippines

Download these apps to make the most of your free time and earn extra cash. Perhaps you have heard or read about "money-making applications". You might have tried searching this...

Top 11 Best Money-Making Apps in Philippines

Download these apps to make the most of your free time and earn extra cash.

Perhaps you have heard or read about "money-making applications". You might have tried searching the internet to see if it is true.

There are many websites and apps that are scams. You would have to pay them before you could make any money on their platform. Be cautious about these sites.

You can be sure that this article will contain legitimate apps that will allow you to make real money doing simple tasks like watching videos, taking photos, or shopping online.

These apps are great because they offer multiple ways to make money, which means you have more chances to make extra.

Best 11 Apps to Make Money Online

1. Clickworker

This site received a review from me. You can see it here.

Clickworker requires you to log in with a computer or laptop for most tasks. However, Clickworker also offers an app that allows members to upload photos and videos to make money.

The app is available in Euro and pays every week.

Sign up by clicking my link and you will each earn EUR 5.00 once you have earned at least EUR 10.

Platform:Android, IOS

2. SnapCart

Snapcart will take your receipts for groceries, medicine, and cosmetics, and pay you. Simply open the app and take a photo of your receipt to receive your cashback.

As of writing, this app is only available to Filipinos and Indonesians.

Platform:Android, IOS

3. Toluna

Toluna allows you to share your opinions about products and services. You will be rewarded with points which can be used to redeem gift vouchers, products or cash.

Platform:Android, IOS

4. PanelPlace

PanelPlace has many paid survey panels where members can sign up and take part in their available surveys. The app also includes Opinion World and Toluna survey sites.

It is different than Toluna in that it serves as a marketplace where both survey-takers and survey panel members can find and discover new opportunities.

Platform:Android, IOS

5. StreetBees

Streetbees allows you to share videos and photos about products or services in exchange for cash.

According to the app, most stories can be completed in between 2-5 minutes. The pay is dependent on the complexity of the task.

Platform:Android, IOS

6. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin converts outdoor steps into sweatcoins. This is a currency unit.

You would simply download the app and allow the GPS to run in background to earn sweatcoins. The sweatcoins can be used to purchase goods or services, as well as for purchasing sweatcoins from someone else.

We will each receive 5 sweatcoins if you sign up using my link.

Platform:Android, IOS

7. SuperVank

SuperVank, a free investment app that allows users to use EC to invest or exchange it for cash, is completely free. The app offers a variety of investment options.

You will need to invest in order to earn, but you can get referral codes to help you receive an initial amount you can use for investing. I was unable to access my account, so I don’t have a referral link.

Platform:Android, IOS

8. QunQun

QunQun, an open social media platform, pays you to like, comment or engage in the QunQun community.

You must actively participate in the app's interactions and interact with other members to earn more Qun rewards.

Platform:Android, IOS

9. WowApp

WowApp is similar in concept to QunQun. It's a social media platform that allows users to post, comment, and share posts.

Either cash out your earnings, or give it to charity.

Platform:Android, IOS

10. Snippet Media

Snippet Media provides its members with kachings for reading articles or stories online.

These articles cover news, entertainment and sports as well as fashion and gaming. These articles come from local publishers like the ABS-CBN website and CNN.

After reading an article, you will be awarded points (kachings). These points will automatically convert to Peso each night.

Platform:Android, IOS

11. Pera Swipe

Pera Swipe offers sim load for free and lock screen rewards.

It will pay you to place ads on your lock screen and you'll get cash every time you unlock or swipe your phone.

You can also get cashback and discounts when you shop at lazada.

Platform: Android