The Practical Side of Hottest Jobs in AI (Dark Truth)

The Practical Side of Hottest Jobs in AI (Dark Truth)

The amazing applications of Artificial Intelligence are what drove me to it in the 1st place. However, it is questionable whether it is acceptable in practical terms.

It's like when you want to be a great guitarist because of all the sexy solos you hear. But do you enjoy the boring and repetitive exercises that come this far? And this is the most important thing.

Next, how long this addiction would last? Of course, watching robots serve your table can be pretty cool these days. But after a few years, when it becomes standard,  it can become a boring app again.

A few years ago making a chip was fascinating. Most people these days will be bored of it. My fascination with artificial intelligence may be a bit superficial.

What a wonderful novelty and how wonderful it is to let others know that I am working with AI. I know this because I've seen other colleagues on Instagram brag about being data scientists. So, is the interest in this field really that serious and persistent? All young people today want AI, businesses recognize it, and they use this buzzword all the time. Sounds like hype to me.

A few other things that made him re-evaluate:

I hate deep learning. It feels like making a dish, but there is no logic. I am a logical person. And it will take forever! Sometimes trying a few parameters can improve results, but that's mostly intuition, not science, like a chef tempering food.

Many AI methods are now just one line of code. And what attracted me to number one was the complexity and mathematics of those algorithms. But now everything is in the box.

I'm afraid it will get easier in the future. You just have to let giant companies like Facebook and Amazon create amazing AI solutions and  apply those features or cloud services. Finding your own solution would be a waste of time. You will just be a dude who has a lot of knowledge about which methods would work the best, and then you simply write a few lines of code and done. Boom!

It's too competitive. Like I said, everyone wants to work with AI.

Daily work is not so much fun. I'd like something more reliable and simpler, but probably something like staying here for a long time.

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