Logitech G923 Review 2022

Logitech has released the G923, a new wheel. The G923 is almost identical to the G29's 5 year-old model, but it features a trueforce force feedback feature. Is this a wheel that is worth upgrading or are you still racing on the same wheel for...

Logitech G923 Review 2022

Logitech has released the G923, a new wheel. The G923 is almost identical to the G29's 5 year-old model, but it features a trueforce force feedback feature. Is this a wheel that is worth upgrading or are you still racing on the same wheel for years?


  • Adds an extra button configuration to Xbox version
  • Design still looks modern
  • Trueforce FFB adds extra FFB
  • Solid entry-level wheel


  • It is not a significant improvement on the old G29
  • Similar design and torque output to G29
  • FFB Clunky gear
  • A little expensive for an entry-level wheel

Logitech unveiled their "brand-new" racing wheel almost immediately. Many sim racers were excited to see the G923 in action. It is identical to the G29!

This added confusion as to how the Logitech G923 fits into Logitech's current racing wheels proposition. Is this a new generation wheel? Is it just a simplified version of the current generation? Is it just a black version of the G29?

We already had a Logitech G29 installed on our sim-rig. We decided to compare the G923 with the G29.

What is the Logitech G923 like the G29?

Let's address the elephant in this room. In almost every way, the G923 is identical to its predecessor, the G29. It has the exact same wheel design, button layout and identical-looking pedals.

You'll be able to notice subtle differences if you pay attention. The logo in the centre is now different. All buttons and shifters are now black. There is also a Trueforce sticker at the side of each wheelbase.

What is the difference? The G923 for Xbox now has the rotation dial, rev lights, and other features that were not available on the PC or PS4 versions of the G29. This adds a bit of functionality to the Xbox racers.

Upgraded force feedback

Logitech claims that the G923's force feedback technology is completely new. They've introduced new motors that are gear-driven and an internal design they call Trueforce.

Logitech still uses the tried-and-true method of gear driven force feedback. This is not the best technology for force feedback, as you might have seen in our Logitech review . It doesn't provide the most immersive or accurate force feedback.

Logitech has updated the internals of the racing wheel but it still produces the same force feedback strength that the G29. Logitech can't verify the strength of the new wheel but it doesn't feel any stronger than the G29. This will make it around 2Nm.

Force feedback isn't any smoother than it was before. We are not surprised. Logitech appears to have overcome this limitation with their latest generation of racing wheels.

You can feel the gears turn as you drive. This is especially true when you adjust wheel angles very precisely. You can feel the gears turning if you are in the middle of the road.

The G923's force feedback is still not up to par with the belt-driven feedback in the Thunchmaster or Fanatec race wheels.

What is Logitech Trueforce?

We found that the G29's upgraded force feedback doesn't differ from the one in the G29. Logitech Trueforce is what we are referring to?

Logitech's new wheel vibration technology is called Trueforce. Trueforce replicates the vibration you would feel in a car's chassis if you were actually driving it.

This is to make sim racing more immersive and to give you a deeper connection with the car you drive. Is it possible? Yes and no.

The only feedback you will feel when racing with an old Logitech G29 racing car is the link between your car's tires and the road. Force feedback would show bumps on the road as well as your car's grip on it.

Logitech G923 will give you the same force feedback but with a vibration through your wheel rim. Logitech designed the G923 so that it can take advantage of the in-game audio and physics to add vibration to the wheel.

It will transform the engine audio and physics into vibrations of varying strength. The stronger your vibrations will be, the louder your engine and the stronger your car's physics.

It is noticeable during racing but doesn't always feel natural. Sometimes, the vibration can even take away the force feedback. Sometimes the vibration can numb your hands or make you feel overdone.

In limited situations, however, it can feel more immersive. This feature can be turned down in games like Assetto Corsa Compizione. I believe the subtler the new force feedback, the better.

This feature was not available in most racing sim games at launch. Assetto Corsa Competizione is the only game that supports this feature, while GT Sport is the only one.

It's almost certain that every sim racer will support it over time, but the support network isn’t yet there.

Is the Logitech G923 a direct drive wheel?

The new Logitech G923 utilizes gear-driven force feedback, as mentioned previously. It is a shame as sim racers like us had hoped for a Logitech direct drive wheel.

Logitech actually announced that they would be releasing a racing wheel. It was actually exciting to see another manufacturer enter the direct-drive market. How disappointed was I.

Logitech has not released a direct-drive wheel in the past so we shouldn't be surprised. Logitech is a company that prefers to keep its focus on mainstream gaming peripherals. They are known for leaving the niche peripherals that are more difficult to make to other manufacturers.

Are the pedals upgraded?

The Logitech G923 includes the same pedals as the original. This is besides the slightly modified Logitech logo, which sits just below the pedals.

The old kit's pedal design, construction, and positioning is identical. This is good news to racers who know how to use their toe and heel. You won't have to adjust to different pedal positions.

Logitech claims that the pedal technology has been upgraded to improve the smoothness of the potentiometer pedals, despite the appearance being identical. Logitech made the two-step brake pedal more fluid by tweaking the technology.

This can be seen when you compare both the two-pedal kit and the new brake, which feels ever so slightly softer across its movement range.

This isn't an upgrade in performance or quality, but it does not make a significant difference. Most racers won't notice any difference in the pedals.

How compatible is the Logitech G923?

The G923 is available in two versions, just like the previous generation Logitech racing wheels. A compatible Xbox wheel and a compatible PS4 and PC wheel. These variants are identical to the previous generation and share the same naming convention.

This could cause some confusion for people who purchase the G923. This means you need to make sure you're buying the correct console version.

Except for the G923 and G29, compatibility is the same as before. Although Trueforce technology isn’t yet fully supported, this wheel will work on all racing sims.

The G923 will work with the Xbox Series X, the next generation of Xbox. Although we have not yet received confirmation that the PS5 supports this racing wheel, it would be a surprise if it did.

Logitech's new racing wheel can be used with your existing shifter. It is possible to connect your shifter exactly as you did with the G29 and it will work right out of the box.

Who exactly is the G923 aimed at?

Logitech's G923 is an odd proposition. It is almost identical to the G29, and does not alter the tried-and-true formula.

This racing wheel is specifically designed for the entry-level market. If you don't have a racing wheel but are interested in sim racing, this is the right product for you.

This wheel is very suitable for sim racing. This is a great budget racing wheel that offers a complete plug-and-play package.

This entry-level wheel has one problem: the higher price. Logitech has increased the price by $50/PS20, making it $399/PS349.

It is almost impossible to find a budget-friendly racing wheel. Thrustmaster and other brands offer racing wheels at a fraction of the price.

This racing wheel, unlike other Thrustmasters, is more durable in design and construction. We recommend this racing wheel to new sim racers due to its superior game and console support.

Should I upgrade to the Logitech G923?

What happens if you have a G29/G920? Do you need to upgrade to the Logitech G923 or G29? We wouldn't recommend it. The G923 isn't much different from the G29 in terms of experience.

Logitech's race wheel offering isn't being revolutionized by the Trueforce force feedback. You don't need to upgrade to the G923 if your G29 is still in good condition.

We recommend that you look at the Fanatec CSL D racing wheel if you are thinking of upgrading your sim rig.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable FFB No
  • Degrees Of Rotation - 9000deg
  • Torque- 2.1Nm
  • Diameter- 280mm
  • Display N/A
  • Platform – PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X