How To access and use DepEd Commons

Follow these simple steps to access and use DepEd Commons

How To access and use DepEd Commons

The School has been further delayed. Students (and parents) are encouraged to use DepEd commons .

DepEd, in partnership with Globe and Smart Telecommunications, announced April that Filipino students will have free access to the online education platform.

Leonor Briones, Education Secretary, stated that education must be continued even during times of crisis.

Who can access DepEd Commons

Filipino students at both private and public educational institutions.

How do you get it?

Open an Internet browser and on the address bar, type in the DepEd Commons or then hit Enter .

Select your school type ( Private or Public ). Next, enter your School Name or your Schools ID in the box below.

Please verify spelling and address. To avoid any mistakes, it is recommended that you search for the entire name of the school.

If you are a teacher or a student , click the button. Enter your full name and email address.

Next, click on the Save button.

Next, hover your mouse or pointer to the left side of the screen where you will find the Select a grade level button, then, select the grade level you wish to explore.

Once you have selected your Grade Level, click on the Subject to drill down your resource need. These numbers show how many resources are available for each category.

The category and subjects are highlighted in the main screen area.

If the resource is displayed as a link, click on Download File . Or click on To Link (this will take users to Google Drive) and may result in a data charge.

Additional material available for free

This can be accessed by clicking Globe in the DepEd Commons menu, between Feedback & Login .