Circle K: Instant Win Game 2022+ App & Rewards & Other Promotions

Circle K offers instant wins, gas discounts and rewards. They also offer text offers and websites. There are always many winners in instant win games. This is what's happening right now

Circle K: Instant Win Game 2022+ App & Rewards & Other Promotions

The Circle K game has begun. You can also get gas discounts if you aren't playing.

Circle K offers instant wins, gas discounts and rewards. They also offer text offers and websites. There are always many winners in instant win games. This is what's happening right now. . .

Circle K recently added the possibility to substitute your prize if it is unavailable.

New Circle K Game September - October 2022

Circle K's new instant win game is up and running. It runs from September 7 to October 28, 2022.

You can only play once per day.

You will need to provide a valid mobile phone number when you first play. You will need to verify your prize with the code sent by them. However, you won't be required to do this again after you have won. Although it takes longer the first time you win/play, don't let that discourage you. It's super easy to do each day after that.

After you have all been signed in, tap the football to move it towards one the cups. You can choose whether it's a Polar Pop or a coffee cup.

Sometimes, a pop-up will ask you for your prize choice. You can choose from two options. They are not always 100% free, but they can sometimes be BOGO offers. You can redeem it by clicking the link.

Your "Wallet" will contain the prize. It is valid for 3 days (fuel for 5 days). For access to your wallet, see below.

Every time you play, your entry is automatically entered into the grand prize drawing for $10,000.

Not midnight, Arizona's time zone means that the game will reset earlier than normal depending on the season.

How long does it take to redeem your Circle K Prize?

You have 3 days to redeem your prize after you win it (or 5 for fuel discount). A countdown clock will show you how many hours, minutes and seconds are left.

You need to find the Circle K Wallet and Instant Win Prize.

Circle K's instant-win game will award you a prize. Your prize is located under your "Wallet" menu (three lines at the top left of the webpage where you are playing the game ).

You will receive a verification code by text the first time you access it. You will then be able access your wallet directly without any additional verification.

You can also click on the "Go to Prize Wallet" button under your prize.

You will find Circle K by clicking "Redeem" underneath the prize you have won.

You only have five minutes to redeem the offer once you click it. You can click on the "Redeem" link that appears under the prize earlier. If you don't want your timer start, just click the first one that appears.

Do not close an offer until you're certain it has been accepted. Sometimes things go wrong and the offer needs to be rescan. You can't reopen an offer if you close it before it goes through.

As in the past, your prize will not be sent via text message.

Do you have the ability to give your Circle K prize?

You can now give the prize you have won to another person! You can find the green arrow next to your Prize Wallet.

You can then text it to anyone after you click it. You send a message to the recipient saying, "Hi friend! Here is a prize from Circle K."

The link is provided to enable them to claim their prize. The expiration date/day doesn't change. They will have the exact same countdown clock as you.

What happens if they take the prize that I won at Circle K?

Circle K can be notified if a prize is not available. You will need to tap the "Product unavailable?" button. The next option you will be offered is a Polar Pop. However, it may vary.

What are you likely to win in the Circle K Instant Win Game

The game will run through October 28, 2022. Here are the prizes.

Every time you play, you will be entered in the grand prize drawing for $10,000. Soon after the game is over, the drawing will be held.

Circle K Grand Prize and Instant Win Prize List

  1. Hot/Iced Coffee
  2. Coffee Hot/Iced BOGO
  3. Polar Pop
  4. Polar Pop BOGO
  5. Froster
  6. Froster BOGO
  7. Fuel Save 10C/., 15C/., 20C/., 25C/., 30C/.
  8. Pizza
  9. Pizza BOGO
  10. Sugar cookie free
  11. Free Circle K Pie
  12. Free Circle K Pork Rinds
  13. Free SaBrosos Fuegos
  14. Car Wash: Save $3
  15. Dr Pepper brand free
  16. Free Fanta What The Fantasy
  17. AHA free
  18. Free Ferrara Candy
  19. Vita Coco (CKFL) Only
  20. Free Vita Coco (All US, CKFL excluded)
  21. True North Pure Energy Seltzer Free of Charge
  22. Free Starbucks BAYA Energy


  • Weekly Prize $250 Gift Certificate
  • Grand Prize: $10,000 Gift Card
  • Random Drawing at Promotion End- Grand Win Prize
  • Circle K Gift Certificate - $10,000

Circle K bonus game details

There is also a bonus game after you have completed the main game. Points are earned by tossing as many balls into the moving containers as possible.

Each week they will draw a winner from the 50 top players on the leaderboard. You must be good to have a chance of winning.

Circle K Cardinals text deals - NEW!

To opt in to the Circle K Catch promotion, text CATCH to 31311. Based on how many Cardinals catch, there will be a new prize after each game.

Check your app for Diamondback Freebies. (See below.)

Circle K: How can you save gas money or get coupons?

Circle K can help you save gas money in these ways:

  1. You can play their instant win game (see below).
  2. Register for their Easy Pay Program (see below).
  3. Get grocery fuel points (details hier ).
  4. Use the app Upside. (details here ).

How can you sign up to receive Circle K Text Offers

Text COFFEE to 313310 to receive the Circle K text deal. Not only will you get a free cup of coffee, but there are more! You will receive random offers for fuel savings or other goodies. You can also play their game and get great deals and freebies by using their app.

When playing Circle K, you can also opt-in.

Dbacks Strikeout Meter: Freebies

Check your Circle K app after every home game to find out if you have won the Strikeout Meter prize. The "Deals" tab will show the prizes. The number of strikeouts that they have had will determine the items. There are many things you can win, including a Polar Pop, doughnuts and pretzels with peanut butter.

$2 Off in Circle K App

Circle K often offers $2 off your purchase on holidays. The offer may be valid for one day or longer.

Notice: They haven't been offering this offer lately but they will soon.

The $2 off has always been there, regardless of how much you spend. However, that could change at any moment. They may give you change if you receive less than $2. They might not give you change if they ask.

The coupon technically states that you must spend $2 in order to use it. They may enforce this requirement in the future.

They can also appear at random times. However, it is smart to check near holidays.

They are generous with holiday offers. Offers have been made on Tax Day, Cinco de Mayo and others. You can check whenever you feel there is something of note on the national calendar.

What is the Circle K app and Easy Rewards program?

It tracks points and gives you $2 off your anniversary and birthday, as well as coupons and sweepstakes. Bonus rewards are also tracked. You might also get some other freebies every now and again!

How can you earn Circle K points with easy rewards?

Register for Easy Rewards in the app, or sign up linking your card or keytag to your account.

You will earn 10 points every gallon of gasoline you purchase by scanning your barcode/card and 20 points each dollar spent on food or non-alcoholic beverages. Circle K cash will give you $2 when you reach 2,000 points. Most stores will give you cash back if you spend less than this amount.

You will need location settings to get some perks. Otherwise, they won't appear.

Circle K Rewards Points for Polar Pops, Coffee & More

To earn points towards $2 Rewards, scan your card/barcode each time you shop. You can also keep track of the items you have purchased to receive bonus rewards.

You get one free when you purchase a certain amount of selected items. To see current deals, check out the "Rewards” tab.

If you buy 10 Polar Pops, the second one is free. You can also get the sixth free if you buy 5 hot beverages. You can find many more in the "Rewards” tab of your app.

Circle K App Birthday Bonuses & Freebies

Register for the Circle K app by entering your birthday. There will be $2 to spend. This is good for 30 days. Check your app every day after your birthday. Most stores will give you change if you don't want to spend a lot.

Additional birthday tip: Do you love birthday freebies? You can find a wide range of Arizona birthday freebies on this site. Some require you to sign up while others just need you to bring your ID. You can find the ones that you are most passionate about and use them every year.

On the anniversary of your sign up, you will receive an additional $2 These are great little perks!

Check your app during holiday weekends. You can get $2 off almost everything on these weekends.

Circle K Senior Discount

Senior citizens get $1 off their first Wednesday purchase of $1. This information can be found in your app's "Rewards" tab.

You can also find coupons, sweepstakes and information about store promotions under the "Deals” tab.

When you purchase certain products, or get money off of specific items, you'll be able to receive free items.

There will occasionally be a freebie to check in or for another reason. You can find these freebies right before and on national holidays.

What does Circle K Easy Pay at the station look like?

Circle K gas is available through Easy Pay. This card is linked to your bank account. To instantly save 10C/per gallon, scan the card at the pump.

You will save an additional 20C/per gallon for the first 60 days, or 100 gallons. So you'll save 30% per gallon.

To receive your additional savings, you must first enroll. Once your cards have been linked, you will be able to start enjoying all the benefits.