6 Best Crypto & Bitcoin Wallets in Canada 2022

6 Best Crypto & Bitcoin Wallets in Canada 2022

Best Crypto Wallet for Canadians in 2021

Storing your cryptocurrency in a pockets is the most secure manner to maintain your crypto secure. We have researched a number of the first-class crypto wallets for Canadians and feature narrowed it right all the way down to 5 of the first-class crypto wallets. 

There are many forms of crypto wallets. There are hardware wallets which are a sort of bloodless pockets. These forms of crypto wallets provide bloodless garage this means that maintaining your crypto belongings offline. There also are software program wallets wherein your crypto belongings are stored on line however the gain is that your crypto is effortlessly accessible.

Then there are computer wallets which are a mixture among bloodless garage and on line garage wherein you could save your crypto belongings. We will offer greater clarification withinside the article. 

Now which you recognise approximately the exceptional forms of bitcoin wallets, right here are a number of the first-class cryptocurrency wallets you could use in Canada.

  • Ledger Nano X
  • SafePal S1
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Trezor Model T
  • Exodus
  • BRD

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X crypto wallet

If you're into long-time period cryptocurrency investing, this tool is a MUST-have. The Ledger Nano X is Ledger`s probably the greatest hardware pockets. We suppose it's miles the first-rate crypto pockets for Canadians seeking out a stable solution. When you personal crypto, what you simply personal are personal keys that provide you with get admission to to the crypto. Anybody who is aware of the personal key to a cryptocurrency pockets can get admission to the crypto saved in it. Keeping your personal keys secure is essential. 

The Ledger Nano X shops your personal keys at the tool. When creating a transaction the use of your Ledger Live account, you could join the Ledger Nano X crypto pockets in your telecellsmartphone or pc the use of Bluetooth. It helps each Android and iOS. You`ll want to apply the hardware pockets to verify the transaction. Your personal keys in no way go away the tool. They are stored offline permanently. 

The Ledger Nano X helps 1800+ cryptocurrencies and 50 of them may be controlled inside the Ledger Live app. If you've got got different cryptocurrencies you need to shop for your Ledger Nano X pockets, you`ll want to attach them with regular third-celebration wallets e.g. XRP Toolkit. 

You are capable of set up a hundred apps at the Ledger Nano X at one time, which means you could shop a hundred cryptocurrencies in bloodless garage with any such hardware wallets. 

With Ledger, you could purchase and promote crypto the use of their partner, Coinify and feature your property despatched at once in your Ledger cryptocurrency pockets. You also can stake cryptocurrencies Algorand, Tezos, TRON, Cosmos, and Polkadot and earn rewards, passively. 

The Ledger Nano X is straightforward to apply and set up. By preserving your personal keys offline, it's miles the maximum stable bitcoin pockets you could get. While it does now no longer have a touchscreen, the buttons are intuitive after you apprehend how they work. These are the motives why it's miles #1 in our listing of the first-rate crypto wallets for Canadians.

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2. SafePal S1

SafePal S1 hardware crypto wallet

SafePal the primary crypto pockets to be subsidized via way of means of Binance. SafePal S1 is a 100% offline hardware crypto pockets. Unlike the Ledger Nano X, the SafePal S1 pockets doesn`t use bluetooth, NFC, Wifi or USB connections, which makes it the maximum steady cryptocurrency pockets. 

The SafePal S1 has different blessings over the Ledger crypto wallets as well. The S1 virtual pockets functions a complete-shade high-decision display screen and it`s the dimensions of a credit score card so that you can deliver it anywhere, easily. Though the Ledger Nano hardware wallets are mild as well, they do now no longer have a complete shade display screen. While the Ledger crypto wallets will let you manipulate 50 cryptocurrencies at a time, the SafePal S1 permits you to save limitless cryptocurrencies. The fee of a SafePal pockets is likewise less expensive than the Ledger Nano X. 

Managing your crypto belongings with SafePal is easy. You can down load the app on Google Play or the App Store. The SafePal app permits you to manipulate your crypto belongings and make transfers and trades. Even in case you don`t have the SafePal S1 hardware pockets, you could nonetheless use the app as a software program pockets. 

Unlike the Ledger Nano hardware wallets, you don`t want to bodily press buttons to perform the SafePal S1. To use the S1 hardware pockets, sincerely use the app to installation your switch or alternate after which experiment the QR code that looks for your hardware pockets. There isn't anyt any bluetooth or unstable connections had to perform the S1 hardware pockets. The S1 is the perfect bloodless garage crypto pockets to use. 

With the SafePal app you could additionally buy, promote and alternate crypto instantly. You also can get admission to Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and Ethereum decentralized apps. SafePal is completely included with famous DApps which includes PancakeSwap and Compound. If you`re inquisitive about DeFi, SafePal is the fine bloodless garage crypto pockets.

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3. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S crypto wallet

The Ledger Nano S is Ledger`s flagship bitcoin pockets now no longer best for Canadians however worldwide. It is a hardware crypto pockets that lets in you to put in 3 packages and keep 3 cryptocurrencies. Like the extra highly-priced Ledger Nano X, the Nano S helps 50 cryptocurrencies in Ledger Live, and 1800+ in case you`re the usage of a supported third-birthday birthday celebration pockets. 

While the Nano S works precisely just like the Nano X and continues your personal keys in bloodless storage, it isn't as convenient. The Nano S does now no longer connect with your telecellsmartphone thru Bluetooth. Instead, you should purchase Ledger`s cable % ($23) to attach it for your Android telecellsmartphone. Note, there may be no cable protected that helps iPhones. However, in case you actually desire to attach the Nano S for your laptop, a USB cable is protected withinside the box. For Mac users, you'll should buy the cable % which incorporates a USB-C cable or use an adapter to attach it. 

The Ledger Nano S is a splendid answer for humans searching out a hardware cryptocurrency pockets in Canada. While you may best keep 3 cryptocurrencies on it at a time, that is flawlessly excellent for humans who've a small portfolio. At nearly 1/2 of the fee of the Nano X, the Nano S is splendid for novices searching out the pleasant protection for his or her crypto.

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4. Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T crypto wallet

The Trezor Model T is any other hardware crypto pockets this is regularly taken into consideration one of the high-quality virtual wallets for Canadians. It is absolutely open-source, so all people can examine its code and spot there`s not anything shady with the manner it shops your personal keys. 

As with the Ledger, the Trezor shops your personal keys at the device, so there may be no risk of them being stolen in a hack. To use the Trezor, you ought to join it on your Android telecellsmartphone or pc with the blanketed USB cable. Currently, Trezor does now no longer offer aid for iPhones. Trezor does now no longer use Bluetooth. 

The Trezor Model T cryptocurrency pockets has a full-coloration touchscreen show with an intuitive design. It helps greater than 1,six hundred cryptocurrencies that may be controlled both thru Trezor Suite or through a supported third-celebration pockets. As lengthy as your chosen coin is supported, you may keep as many cash to your Trezor as you like, on the identical time. 

The Trezor Suite is a computer and net app that is straightforward and smooth to use. Here, you may manipulate your crypto, purchase and exchange crypto, and take gain of Trezor`s stable password supervisor to keep all of your on-line passwords in a single place. 

The Trezor Model T is a touch high priced and it does now no longer at once aid staking, however it's miles a stable bloodless pockets with lots of supported cryptocurrencies and it has a beginner-pleasant touchscreen. It is one of the high-quality crypto wallets to be had for Canadians.

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5. Exodus Wallet

Exodus software crypto wallet screenshot

The Exodus crypto pockets is a software program pockets this is super for novices who stay in Canada and all around the world. It is one of the great bitcoin wallets that you could down load on your computer or smartphone. The computer app is well matched with Windows, Linux and Mac. The cellular app is well matched with iOS and Android. 

Exodus has a integrated trade in which you could buy, sell, and exchange crypto. Your non-public keys are saved domestically to your laptop and by no means shared with the Exodus servers. While that is a long way extra stable than leaving your crypto on a crypto trade, your non-public keys are nonetheless susceptible to robbery via viruses, malware, and phishing. Your non-public keys are most effective secure in case your laptop is secure. 

The Exodus pockets encrypts your non-public keys and is password protected. However, it does now no longer provide two-aspect authentication directly. Instead, Exodus has partnered with Trezor so that you can actively control your crypto belongings saved to your

Trezor bloodless pockets. It additionally method in case you need so one can affirm transactions to and out of your Exodus pockets one after the other on every other device (like 2FA), you'll want to get a Trezor hardware pockets. 

While it's miles a good-looking, easy-to-use pockets for novices, people with huge crypto holdings need to recall getting a Ledger or Trezor crypto pockets for elevated safety in their crypto.

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6. BRD

BRD software wallet screenshot

BRD is some other software program crypto pockets this is to be had for Canadians. It is a awesome bitcoin pockets for absolutely everyone seeking to manage their personal keys. BRD is loose and may be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It helps 70+ of the maximum famous cryptocurrencies and it additionally permits you to stake Tezos to earn passive income. 

BRD is a depended on blockchain pockets with extra than 8 million clients worldwide. Its code is open source, it helps 14 languages and it's far utilized in over a hundred and forty countries. 
 When you preserve the BRD token for your BRD cryptocurrency pockets, you may acquire rewards. The extra tokens you preserve, the extra rewards you get. Rewards consist of decreased transactions fees, telecellsmartphone support, or even a call-returned from BRD`s CEO. 

One of the handy matters approximately BRD is which you don`t want to installation a username and password. The app will generate your personal keys, which you may write down and preserve safe. 

You can buy, promote and alternate crypto in the app and it accepts Canadian dollars. Using the BRD blockchain pockets, you may accurately save Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, HBAR, XRP, and all ERC-20 tokens.

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Best crypto wallets to use in Canada (featured image)

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

A cryptocurrency pockets shops your crypto safely. They can help you take complete possession of your virtual assets. If best you've got got the non-public keys then best you may get admission to the crypto. 

Why Do I Need Crypto Wallet In Canada?

Canadians trying to save their crypto belongings accurately may also pick to transport their cryptocurrency off the crypto change in which they sold it. Crypto exchanges permit you to maintain your virtual belongings or your Canadian greenbacks on their change in a crypto pockets. While this makes it smooth to trade, buy, and promote your crypto, the disadvantage is which you do now no longer have manipulate of the non-public keys in your pockets.

The change has the non-public keys to all crypto wallets on its platform. If an change turned into to get hacked, for example, there may be a opportunity that you can lose any of your crypto belongings saved there. While maximum respectable crypto exchanges will save your crypto belongings in bloodless storage, it's miles nonetheless a chance to go away them at the change. That`s why many Canadians pick to discover the nice cryptocurrency pockets to securely save their crypto belongings.

Types Of Crypto Wallets

There are 3 most important kinds of crypto wallets: 

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Desktop

There are hardware wallets which might be a sort of bloodless wallet. These kinds of crypto wallets provide bloodless garage because of this that preserving your crypto property offline. There also are software program wallets wherein your crypto property are saved on-line however the advantage is that your crypto is effortlessly accessible. Then there are laptop wallets which might be a mixture among bloodless garage and on-line garage wherein you could save your crypto property.

Hardware Wallets

When a few humans speak approximately bitcoin wallets, they frequently make the error of questioning the cash themselves are saved withinside the wallet. The reality is, it's miles your non-public keys which can be saved withinside the bitcoin wallet. Hardware wallets are a sort of bloodless storage. They aren't linked to the net like software program wallets are. It method that your non-public keys, which can be stored at the hardware wallet, are stored offline and consequently can not be stolen online.

Software wallets

Software wallets aren't classed as bloodless storage. They are every now and then called a warm pockets due to the fact software program wallets are linked to the internet. You get right of entry to it for your telecellsmartphone through an app or a computer. The advantage to the use of a software program pockets is that you may effortlessly change crypto in only some clicks. With a hardware pockets, you will ought to switch your virtual belongings from the pockets itself to a crypto alternate earlier than you may change.

Software wallets are consequently appropriate for those who change often or need the perfect manner to keep crypto. The disadvantage to software program wallets is that your personal keys are susceptible to theft. A hacker should probably thieve your crypto in the event that they manipulate to get right of entry to your personal keys online.

Desktop wallets

Desktop wallets are extra stable than software program wallets due to the fact your non-public keys are stored regionally in your laptop. However, they're much less stable than hardware wallets. 

To use a computer pockets to save your crypto assets, you need to down load it for your laptop or laptop. Some of the quality bitcoin wallets are computer wallets due to the fact now no longer simplest do you preserve your non-public keys however a few computer wallets are regularly incorporated with a buying and selling platform. This makes computer wallets each handy and stable. A drawback to computer wallets is portability. It`s now no longer continually viable to take your laptop with you. The 2nd is security. Should your tough power fail or your get a deadly disease or are a sufferer of a malware attack, you can lose your non-public keys or have them stolen.

Are Crypto Wallets Safe?

Crypto wallets have various ranges of safety. Any pockets related to the net which include app wallets nevertheless have a few chance of being hacked. Desktop wallets also are now no longer 100% secure due to the fact malicious viruses or phishing assaults can arise for your laptop to scouse borrow your crypto.

What is the safest crypto wallet in Canada?

Hardware wallets are the most secure crypto wallets. Transactions can't take vicinity with out you bodily confirming them for your device. It method nobody can pass your crypto until in addition they have get admission to on your bodily hardware wallet. SafePal S1 and Ledger Nano X are the most secure crypto wallets in Canada.

What’s the Best Crypto Wallet In Canada?

Ledger Nano X and SafePal S1 are the satisfactory crypto wallets in Canada. They provide the maximum security, variety of coins, and feature stable reputations

How does a crypto wallet work?

Crypto technically stays at the blockchain and simplest with a non-public key are you able to get right of entry to it. Crypto wallets shop your non-public keys, that's why it`s critical to pick out a secure and steady wallet, so your non-public keys aren`t stolen.


There are lots of different crypto wallets to be had consisting of the Coldcard pockets. This is a bitcoin pockets and some other bloodless garage pockets answer this is made in Canada and is open-source. With combined critiques however, we've simplest covered the maximum credible and enormously rated crypto wallets on this article. 

BRD and Exodus are each awesome software program wallets, with Exodus being the frontrunner for its integration with Trezor and its stunning computing device pockets design (however hold in thoughts that computing device wallets also are now no longer 100% safe).

The Ledger Nano S is a amazing hardware pockets for beginners, however it does now no longer have iPhone help and you could simplest save 3 cryptocurrencies at once. The Trezor Model T is an awesome hardware pockets with a handy touchscreen, however once more there may be no iOS help, no staking, and it's far a touch bit pricey. 

Our favored virtual wallets at the listing and what we suppose are the first-rate crypto wallets in Canada are the Ledger Nano X (test the cutting-edge charge here) and the SafePal S1 (test the cutting-edge charge here). Cheaper than the Trezor Model T, with a well-designed app, iOS and Bluetooth help, plus help for 1800 cryptocurrencies, the Ledger Nano X is a advanced virtual pockets. It additionally has a amazing popularity this is tough to beat. However, we suppose the SafePal S1 hardware pockets may simply knock Ledger off the pinnacle spot. 

Cheaper than Ledger Nano X, with limitless cryptocurrency help, the SafePal bloodless garage pockets additionally gives the maximum protection of any crypto pockets. There`s no clunky buttons to use, no bluetooth, and it capabilities a complete color screen. It`s app lets in you to manipulate your virtual property effortlessly and you could additionally have interaction with famous decentralized apps. 
 If you`re searching out the first-rate crypto pockets in Canada then we suppose SafePal is the first-rate accompanied carefully through the Ledger Nano X. 

Now which you recognise approximately the one-of-a-kind kinds of bitcoin wallets, you could choose a number of the first-rate cryptocurrency wallets you could use in Canada withinside the listing we indexed above.