10 In-Demand AR and VR Jobs: Skill Requirements, Pay Scale, and Demand Trends(Facebook Reality labs)

10 In-Demand AR and VR Jobs: Skill Requirements, Pay Scale, and Demand Trends(Facebook Reality labs)

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Virtually nothing else takes up our lives as much as our work. This is probably why it is called a "job".

We all strive to do meaningful, fulfilling, and well-paying work that changes the world for the better. The amount of reward correlates with the amount of value you provide to the world. Creating virtual environments focused on user experience is finally getting the recognition it deserves. This article is just an example of the various on-demand tasks in virtual reality.

data is collected through manual analysis of recruitment platforms. On some platforms, such as Glassdoor, you can also check potential salaries. Here is an example of what a virtual reality  developer  in Seattle earns ($60,000 to $130,000): 4,444 VR, AR and MR employees are changing the world in all industries. They  work full-time for some of the best companies in the world and make quite a bit of money. As hardware adoption continues to grow, with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and HTC all recording record sales in 2020, the real world requires a VR developer or  other XR-related skill.

job types range from small companies (content creators for games or business solutions) to large corporations with the greatest talent for real-time AI or mixed reality artists.

How much does a XR operator earn? Who is hiring  now? For what role? Let's look at the answer.

1. Software Developer / Senior Software Engineer

Any company that invests, tests or invests in XR needs an XR software developer. In a fast-growing industry, the demand for developers will be significant.

However, the skills needed to succeed in this business are as dynamic as the growth of the industry. Most employers require you to code in C# and C++, but the more languages ​​you can work with, the better.

Technical Requirements The skills most commonly required  for this job are:

  • 2-5 years of experience in VR, AR or MR. Hands-on experience with Unity  Oculus, Vive and other platform development experience
  • C# development experience
  • Roles in this area range from  software development director to leadership positions, from senior software developer to junior developer.

Salary scale

Zip Recruiters exceed the national average salary for XR software developers at $85,000 per year, but this number varies by city, skill, and experience. Highly skilled XR developers earn over $156,000 per year.

And some cities pay more than others. For example, the average developer salary in Piscataway, New Jersey is higher than the national average. That's $86,345 per year.

2. AR/VR Maintenance and Support

Preventive maintenance has changed the way businesses can predict equipment failures and fix them before they happen. But now precision service has become an issue.

Over time, equipment users have come to realize that unplanned production downtime is often related to factors other than machine life. Machines accounted for only 11% of machine failures in factories.

The reality is that most hardware failures are the result of invasive preventive maintenance operations, installation errors, and improper repairs. As a result, factories are using augmented reality to reduce machine repair errors and improve service accuracy.

AR service and support experts are here. AR expertise can be used to train and guide support and repair personnel as they put technology to work.

Technical Requirements

Here are the skills employers are looking for:

  • Experience in maintaining computer systems using Unity and other virtual reality systems.
  • Ability to create text in 3D using 3D tools such as MAYA, 3D MAX, Autodesk 3D, etc.
  • Troubleshooting VR and AR systems In some cases, employers do not directly require
  • C# coding skills or game engine experience, but using these skills will increase your chances of getting a job.

Salary scale

Payment for this job depends on the city and experience. The national average in the United States is about $99,000. Meanwhile, the average annual salary in  New York, New York, is over $108,000. The highest earners earn more than $239,000 per year.

3. Design/Graphics Engineer

An XR design or graphic engineer helps organizations combine graphic and computer vision research. They work with artists and designers to create and refine experimental prototypes, develop new renderings and effects, and are responsible for the company's 3D asset standards.

Technical Requirements

  • Companies hiring design/graphics engineers are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria:
  • 3D app or game development experience
  • Working and familiar with 3D game engines such as Unity and Unreal Many years of programming experience in
  • C#, C++ and other languages ​​such as Java. He has a degree in computer science and has 3D math skills.

Salary Size

On average, this job earns more than $84,000 in the United States. Big cities like New York pay $92,313 for this job. Some highly educated graphic engineers earn an average of $212,850 per year.

4. Software Engineer

Software engineers in augmented, virtual and mixed reality are a key part of the company's research and development team. They develop new software and create features that make different XR tools work together. It also works with both software and hardware components of VR/AR/MR products.

Technical Requirements

The most common skills  employees will need:

  • Systems programming in C#, C++, ObjectiveC, Swift, etc. Multiple operating system experience research technology Server programming experience

Salary Size

The average salary for an XR software engineer in the United States is $101,000 per year. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco pay more than $107,000 and $118,000 a year, respectively. The best employees bring home over $155,000 per  year.

5. Product and Project Mana gers

Project and Product Managers lead product teams through the creation, development and launch of new XR products for developers or consumers. It provides organizational thinking to the team and develops a structure for achieving goals.

Technical Requirements

  • 5-10 years in product management.
  • Experience working together on projects with a team of designers, prototypes, product testers and engineers.
  • Provide customer experience and work environment Set project scope

Pay Scale

XR project and product managers earn an average of over $94,000  in San Francisco and $80,647 nationally, while the highest-paid employees earn an average of over $170,000 per year.

6. XR Gameplay and Tools Engineer

This person is responsible for creating debugging, development, and profiling tools. Provides developers with solutions that reduce software iteration times. It also helps improve developer tools and make workflows more efficient.

Technical Requirements

  • Employers are looking for candidates with 4,444+ years of experience in Python, C, and Java.
  • Minimum of 3 years.
  • Experience with Vulkan, OpenGL, or DirectX Degree in Mathematics or Computer Science or its equivalent

Salary Scale

The pay scale here depends on the XR gameplay or XR tool development work you are doing. Augmented reality engineers make over $107,000 across the United States and over $126,000 in Palo Alto, with the highest-paid professionals earning over $230,000. Meanwhile, the average top salary for an augmented reality tool engineer is over $248,000.

7. Accounting, Auditing, and Finance

Describing the XR business requires a lot of attention to the technical side of the business. Accountants, auditors and financial planners perform tasks such as inventory management, planning and forecasting for retailers of products. manage the organization's business plan; Research product sales and sales to find business opportunities. Internal auditors assess the risks  of product development. Implement company projects targeting retailers and distributors.

Technical requirements

  • Employers need candidates who meet the following expectations:
  • Proof of Ownership in the XR Industrial Market Operational and technical audit experience
  • Master AR/VR hardware and software including manufacturing, software sales accounting, inventory, licensing and more.

Salary Size

The average wage in the United States is over $105,000 per year. The highest-paying class  earns more than $260,000 per year for such work.

8. Researcher

XR researchers can work in academic, corporate or institutional research settings. Researchers are exploring new or advanced research areas of virtual/augmented/mixed reality research as a communication tool, their applications in real-life situations and fields, and other research objectives.

Technical Requirements

  • Academic or corporate requirements for researchers are generally the same. Commonly encountered requirements include:
  • Advanced degree required.
  • Years of practical experience in XR projects  VR/AR R&D experience

Salary Size

Researchers earn a national average of $102,544, but can earn up to $218,000.

9. Business Development Manager

Companies are hiring XR Business Development Managers to help them develop new business solutions based on XR technology, deliver solutions to existing customers, and  more.

Technical Requirements

  • The employee's regular qualifications include 4,444 years or more than 10 years of experience in high-tech industries.
  • Bachelor's or master's degree 2+ years of experience in the XR space open to frequent travel client situation experience
  • Early market product experience

Salary Size

The average pay scale for this job nationally is about $78,000. And high-income people take more than $201,000 home.

10. Marketing, Sales, and Distribution

The XR Marketing, Sales and Distribution team works to identify and develop customer relationships that can help you achieve your sales goals, identify industry trends, and use them to increase sales and ultimately translate into sales.

Technical Requirements

  • A recurring customer requirement is:
  • Previous experience with customer accounts in VR/AR.
  • Bachelor's degree  in technical field or software engineering.
  • Strong presentation skills Ability to use marketing tools like Salesforce.
  • You must be willing to travel a lot

Salary Size

Sales and marketing jobs in this region earn an average of $60,000 per year. The highest-paid employees earn an average annual salary of $160,000 or more.

content source: https://www.circuitstream.com/blog/xr-jobs-in-demand