Liam Payne Has Made a Twitter Account Totally Dedicated to Crypto

The singer is branching off from his 34 million follows to construct a NFT-centric micro-following

Liam Payne Has Made a Twitter Account Totally Dedicated to Crypto

Liam Payne broke off with 34 million Twitter followers and created her own crypto-focused micro-subscription on her new Stan account for NFT. 

Former One Direction member invited the audience to follow  new @PaynoETH account dedicated to posting the latest happenings in the world of non-fungible tokens. 

He got 26,000 new followers in 30 minutes on his first tweet about a new account and has a pen inspired by the Ethereum blockchain. Come with me on this crazy NFT journey. Then I'll tell you in detail what's going on in my world."

The singer first became interested in NFT last year and has since mostly posted about crypto on his main account, with the exception of the occasional post about other artists' music. In a way, his new recording account is a savior for  fans who have grown weary of  their timelines being flooded with Nifty Gateway links every time Payne finds a game room. New NFT Twitter Spaces stories to join. 
 More recently, he was revealed  to be a member of the NFT  World of Women collection, which aims to disrupt the ultra-masculine crypto scene, and has also hacked into Reese Witherspoon's Twitter account. 
 For the rest of Payne fans who are unfamiliar with the world of NFT and  who don't care, don't worry. @LiamPayne would still be an active and managed account  with much less crypto.