Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Circulating Supply Under 21 Million

There are many Metaverse crypto-coins that are available among the more sought-after options are those with low supply. Coins with low supply typically have higher unit prices dependent on market capitalization. This article focuses on our top five Metaverse cryptocurrency coins that have an circulating supply that is lower than that of Bitcoin's (21 millions ).

Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Circulating Supply Under 21 Million

#5 RMRK (RMRK) (RMRK) 9.5 million

In September 2021, RMRK (pronounced "remark") was launched in September 2021 and is the cryptocurrency for multi-resource NFTs. It is described as an array of NFT Legos that offer an unalterable, non-fungible token with infinite value. RMRK is located in Kusama's Kusama blockchain, Polkadot's Canary (testnet) network.

RMRK plans to modernize the traditional NFTs, allowing creators and developers to incorporate NFTs into multiple Metaverses, with high-level customisation.

RMRK's Metaverse is currently in development. But, for now, users can go to Singular which is the Official Marketplace as well as the very first Kusama-based NFT dashboard. There are a variety of NFT collections to look into and the things are listed using KSM tokens.

According to RMRK's roadmap several exciting features are planned for the coming year, such as rich profiles, royalties and bidding, as well as rewriting RMRK as auction houses, smart contracts and the Metaverse and much more.

#4 Highstreet (HIGH) 12.2 million 12.2 million

The coin was launched in the month of October 2021. Highstreet is among the most frequently traded Metaverse cryptocurrency coins in this list, with more than $47 million worth of transactions in the last 24 hours.

Highstreet is working on an MMORP Metaverse game that is built using Unity. Unity game engine. The project's Metaverse is in the process of the process of development, gamers can sign-up for their Alpha launch, which is scheduled for in the coming months.

Highstreet's Metaverse will allow players to play a variety of roles, such as Archers as well as Brawlers. The aim in the game will be to eliminate of monsters and defend cities. Players will earn tokens in exchange for killing monsters, thereby encouraging involvement in the game's ecosystem.

The tokens on the platform can be utilized to expand the players' operations, and to buy virtual property on Highstreet's virtual world.

Highstreet offers an economy that is dual-token based, consisting of HIGH and STREET tokens. The STREET tokens are the primary asset of the game and HIGH tokens are the primary governance tokens, allowing holders to vote on the proposals which determine the future of the platform.

#3 Ethernity Chain (ERN) 13 million

The coin was launched in March 2021. Ethernity Chain is among the least-known Metaverse coins, featuring exclusive authenticated and licensed sports-themed NFTs. Ethernity Chain includes partnerships with the top sports, technology collectors, collectibles and gaming brands.

With more than 30 NFT collections, with more than 100k unique products, Ethernity Chain is a must-watch in 2022 when more collections are made available on the platform.

If you're a sports enthusiast seeking to acquire a collection of some rare NFTs, we recommend looking through Ethernity Chains' Marketplace. In particular their Marketplace has a wide selection of collection based on soccer, and if you're a fervent soccer fan, you're sure to locate an NFT you love.

#2 LUKSO (LYXe) 15.2 million 15.2 million

In May 2020, LUKSO (LYXe) has emerged as one of the top blockchain platforms that offer solutions for physical and digital products. It was developed by the people who developed the ERC-725 and ERC-20 popular token standards. It's an under-appreciated project that's an absolute must-see from February 20, 2022.

LUKSO's goal is to take blockchain technology beyond DeFi and encourage its integration into reality.

The token that is native to this platform is LYXe that is Ethereum's equivalent of this token. Consider LYXe as the token wETH, which represents the same value , just "wrapped" for DeFi-related purposes.

The main goal of LUKSO is to develop new standards and tools that allow a new economy built upon digital certificate, currencies that are cultural, in addition to universal profile profiles.

#1 Chronicle (XNL) -- 20.7 million

It was launched in 2021. Chronicle (XNL) was launched in 2021 and is an overlooked NFT platform and studio designed for the fans. It has authentic NFts such as Ethernity Chain from popular shows such as Penn & Teller.

Chronicle's aim is to offer ecologically-friendly NFTs and promote green methods of operation. The Chronicle NFT platform is currently available for users to explore Chronicle's Chronicle NFT platform and browse the various collections.

Chronicle includes three major collections in creating: Paddington, Puppy Bowl as well as Penn & Teller. They are themed off the most popular TV shows and, if you're a lover of any of these shows we recommend you checking out Chronicle's collection.

Chronicle's NFT dashboard has a lot in common the dashboard of THETA which is an NFT-based drop system that has an estimated value of multi-billion dollars. Current valuations of $3.7 million is an extremely undervalued company that you must watch for February 20, 2022.

Disclaimer: This isn't an investment or trading recommendation. Always research your options prior to purchasing any Metaverse cryptocurrency coins.