Scamsters Changed Sansad TV YouTube Channel's Name to 'Ethereum'

Sansad TV's YouTube channel broadcasts the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha debates while Parliament is in session.

Scamsters Changed Sansad TV YouTube Channel's Name to 'Ethereum'

Sansad TV's YouTube account, which is streaming Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha meetings during a parliamentary session, "is closed for violating the platform's community guidelines." 
 Twitter users posted pictures of flashing messages after attempting to access the channel.

In a statement, Sansad TV said  its YouTube channel was breached by "scammers" early  Tuesday morning, who  changed its name to Ethereum,  a blockchain-based platform best known for cryptocurrencies. ETH death. 

A crypto-related video  was also posted on the official channel after it was hacked. 

The statement adds that Sansad TV's social media team has resolved the issue and restored the channel. "Sansad TV's social media team  worked quickly and restored the Sansad TV channel  early in the morning around 3:45 a.m.," he noted. “Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERTIn), the key body responsible for responding to cybersecurity incidents in India, has also reported the incident and informed Sansad TV.

However,  YouTube has since begun to permanently fix the security threats  and it will be restored as soon as possible," the statement added. Our policies are intended to make YouTube a safer community while allowing creators  to freely share a variety of experiences and perspectives,” says YouTube's Community Guidelines.

YouTube  adds that it applies these Community Guidelines with a combination of  reviewers and machine learning, and applies them equally to everyone, regardless of the creator's topic or background. , political opinion, location or affiliation.