Safe Davao QR | SafeDavaoQr | DQR Primer

Safe Davao QR | SafeDavaoQr | DQR Primer. If you're in Davao City and are looking for activities to enjoy then a Secure Davao QR is vital. SafeDavao QR is Davao City's official contact tracking system.

Safe Davao QR | SafeDavaoQr | DQR Primer

If you're in Davao City and are looking for activities to enjoy then a Secure Davao QR is vital. SafeDavao QR is Davao City's official contact tracking system. Davao's City tool controls its COVID-19 outbreak in order to ensure that visitors and citizens are secure and healthy. Additionally, with safety being the top priority for visitors and visitors, knowing how to utilize QR codes to access instant emergency assistance could be life-saving. If you're planning to spend one or two days in Davao or are planning to stay longer, be sure you add scanning QR codes to that list!

Safe Davao Qr

From Official Safe Davao QR Website

What is safe Davao QR (DQR)?

Secure Davao QR (DQR) is an electronic tracking system for contact system for travel passes that can be used for the following reasons:

  • A pass to enter into and transit within Davao City to satisfy the necessity of traveling solely for the purpose of trading or access to vital services, or for employment/business
  • In the form of a bill enforcement checkpoints, barangay patrols and checkpoints for the ban on travel for non-essential purposes
  • as a tracer of contacts to track entry and exit points in every office and business
  • as two codes to be used by airplane passengers: their QR code to depart for departure at Davao International Airport (DIA) and their DQR.

The Davao QR Code is safe. Davao QR Code a contact tracing system that was developed by Davao's City Government of Davao to help in the search for contacts and to enforce the prohibition on travel that is not essential in Davao City. Davao City's official tracing platform is designed to guard citizens from COVID-19 infection. Now, it is mandatory for all individuals and companies within Davao City to utilize the identified contact tracer system. It can also be used as a travel pass for people who travel by air or via land transport.

Who Really Needs the SafeDavaoQR (DQR)

The following entities and individuals must sign up on the DQR application:

  • Everyone Davao City residents
  • Non-residents who are planning to have to enter Davao City
  • Every Davao City business establishments and offices

The DQR is needed for entry and movement within Davao City.

However, everyone less than 21, 60 and above will receive an DQR or alert checkpoint, offices, and firms which are in this vulnerable segment.

Where can I get or download the Secure Davao QR Code?

To download or create the Davao City QR Code via the Safe Davao QR portal, users can visit the official DQR website to sign up.

What are the necessary (requirements) to be able to obtain the safe Davao QR Code?

In order to download the Safe Davao QR Code, you'll require a stable internet connection, as well as desktop or mobile devices to connect to the Safe Davao QR Code website. It's recommended you had the following prepared prior to making the form to download your Secure Davao QR Code

  • A valid mobile phone number and email address
  • A digital or scan copy of the following:
    • A recent photo of your face that shows your face
    • Your valid ID issued by the government, which can be any or all of these:
      • Social Security System (SSS) or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Card
      • Land Transportation Office (LTO) Driver's License. Student Permits are accepted in format card.
      • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
      • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) or Integrated Department of Labor and Employment (iDOLE) card
      • Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Identification of the voter or Voter's Certificate from the Election Official with Dry Seal
      • Philippine National Police (PNP) Firearms License
      • Senior Citizen ID
      • Airman License (issued in August 2016 from that point from that point onwards)
      • Philippine Postal ID (issued November 2016 onwards)
      • ID of the school
      • Passport
      • If you don't have a legitimate ID PSA photocopy of a birth certificate is acceptable.
  • A clear photograph of you with your ID valid.

How can I get theSafeDavaoQR (DQR)

You may use your mobile device to register. Go to the DQR website Download the Safe Davao QR Code app and follow the screen-based instructions to get a quick reaction (QR) number.

Anyone who signs up for the program will receive an instant, non-permanent unique DQR following complete the online registration procedure that will be sent automatically to the email address they have registered with. There is the option of saving your DQR on your smartphone or printing it.

How to make use of how to utilize the DavaoSafeQR (DQR)

You can use the safe Davao QR Code while visiting the town of Davao. If you're an inbound traveler or an authorized person who is outside from your residence (APOR) then you need to possess a QR code so that you are able to enter Davao. It's one of the conditions, along with a valid ID issued by the government and other documentsthat LGU Davao requires.

Who is able to scan myDavao's Secure QR (DQR) Code?

Anyone who is able to enter Task Force Davao (TFD) checkpoints must check their ID card. TFD might establish a system to check DQR for passengers that are boarding together in order to avoid long lines at checkpoints. DCPO can conduct scanning at specific checkpoints throughout the city. Barangay officials and staff dressed in uniforms will randomly inspect any person who are found in the streets that fall within their area of jurisdiction.

All government and private offices, venues for events and hospitals hotels malls, stores, mini-marts, groceries as well as restaurants, cafes , palengkes (wet markets) as well as churches must be scanned by each person entering and leaving their areas. If you have additional questions which aren't covered in this page of FAQs, please call SafeDavao QR Help Desk at the following numbers: SafeDavao QR Help Desk at the following phone numbers:


  • 0961-750-3540
  • 0961-750-3541


  • 0995-461-6400
  • 0995-461-6402

Are these Davao QR Code (DQR) free to use?

Yes you can, and you can use Safe Davao's Safe Davao portal to generate an Davao QR Code is totally free. There are no fees for obtaining your unique quick response (QR) code. People should stay clear of purchasing services from others who ask for payment in exchange for Davao QR code.

Safe Davao QR Code Safe Davao QR Code is unique method for communicating with people. Users can quickly set up an account on the platform since it is easy to navigate and use. People who aren't tech-savvy will find it easy to navigate and use, particularly if they follow the steps laid out in the instruction manual. Follow the directions and create an electronic copy of the documents needed.

Apart from creating an QR Code, the Safe Davao QR portal also provides an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination. When you're already registered for the Safe Davao the only thing you need to do is sign in by using the DQR code on the QR image, your mobile number and birth date. Then, they can enroll for a pre-vaccination screening.

While there's no doubt about the benefits of incorporating vaccine registration into your routine, some might have difficulty get access to Safe Davao QR Code. Safe Davao QR Code due to the place of operation. Users can sign in to the Safe Davao QR Code, and don't need to look for other websites as it's on the forefront of their thoughts. You can visit the Safe Davao QR Facebook page and contact them for more information.