Pokémon GO Creator Niantic's First Branding Campaign Shows Why Metaverse Needs Reality

The campaign also includes ARship, a virtual reimagining of the Niantic logo.

Pokémon GO Creator Niantic's First Branding Campaign Shows Why Metaverse Needs Reality

With the recent reveal of the Facebook Meta and their vision of what the virtual world might look like, Niantic, the AR company behind Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, announced their first branded campaign to give an audience an insight into why the metaverse still needs reality to work. showed it to including yourself.

Gravity Road's Meet You Out There campaign takes place through a two-minute film that explores how  players live in a real-life metaverse connected by technology on both sides. The brand's campaign release  includes "ARship Niantic," an augmented reality version of the company's airship logo, first displayed using a dedicated app created for staff-to-events.

ARship also appeared in this film shot in Madrid, directed by Julien and Quentin of Pulse Films, showing how real-world user experiences are enriching with Niantic's platform. Niantic's first game released nine years ago, Ingress, was released on November 17th with player-visible gameplay features and will be distributed across the United States as part of a multimedia campaign involving digital screen captures in Times Square.

Another factor is that it encourages people  to go out without going to work, encourages employees  to explore the real world on launch day, and National Walking Day in the United States. In a statement, Archit Bhargava, Niantic's Director of Worldwide Product Marketing, explained: Our first brand campaign, this brand campaign celebrates our mission and global community, and we can't ask for help bringing life to someone better than Gravity Road.” Part of the You & Mr Jones Group, Gravity Road was named the founder of the film brand earlier this year. He worked with artist Laquena to create the cover for the film, which will be  available as an exclusive  to fans.

The agency oversaw the communications initiative and contributed collectively with You & Mr Jones Media. Mark Boyd, co-founder of Gravity Road, spoke about the importance of the ARship element:  We called it "The Magical Flying Ice Cream Truck."

There's been a lot of talk about the metaverse over the past few months, but it's good to see  ambitious companies like Niantic creating work that connects the physical, virtual and social worlds  in  compelling ways. I hope that Niantic's good ARship will be the start of a very special brand campaign."