Myntra is Hiring Data Scientists, Here is the HIring Process.

Myntra is looking for more than 13 data science experts, including Senior Data Scientists, Senior Data Scientists, Staff Data Scientists, Director of Data Sciences, and more.

Myntra is Hiring Data Scientists, Here is the HIring Process.

As the epitome of online fashion and lifestyle in Korea, Myntra combines technology and fashion to provide the best experience for apparel as well as partners. The company currently has partnerships with over 5,000 major fashion and lifestyle brands such as Nike, Adidas, Levis, Puma, Wrangler, and more. We also offer over 27,000 PIN codes nationwide.

Myntra's data science team is one of the largest in the United States and is behind everything the company does today, including its business value, as most of its solutions are AB audited. The team provides a range of data analytics solutions that are deployed quarterly across multiple customer touchpoints. Hrishikesh Vidyadhar Ganu, Head of Data Science at Myntra, said, “This model provides real-time, near-real-time, and offline solutions with a wide range of latency requirements, with a significant impact on revenue and customer experience.

Myntra is currently We are working to solve the challenges, some of which are:

Large Recommendation System: eg activity intent, exploring different algorithms, deep personalization, identifying fashion trends, etc. Virtual

Tryon: for clothing, beauty, and personal care

A virtual 3D example of a supply chain optimization: large-scale optimization problems related to regional usage and delivery commitments. “We also use computer vision extensively for inventorying, inbound quality control, garment measurement, and more,” Ganu added.

Pricing: Demand modeling, portfolio pricing optimization, optimized coupon allocation, and more. Myntra's data analytics team told Analytics India Magazine that they are currently hiring people with different levels of experience to fill a variety of data science roles.

Team Structure

Myntra data science teams are built around pods-one-pod to solve specific problems or areas of business. For example, there are separate modules for homepage, search, inbound SCM, outbound SCM, etc. Each group is led by a data processing manager and consists of 34 scientists. Several data managers report to the head of the data science department.


Following are the skills or expectations from data science at Myntra:

Strong foundations in

  • Statistics
  • Machine learning

Mathematical modeling


  • Ability to translate ideas quickly into models and thus add value to business metrics
  • Capable of working well with the product, business, and engineering teams

Data Science Tools used at Myntra

ML modeling tools: Scikit, PyTorch , TensorFlow

Data Processing: Spark, MapR, Kafka

Model Deployment: Specific tools for deploying /optimizing inference on GPUs, mobiles, etc.

Model QC: Myntra uses internal tools to monitor and alter failures like concept drift, incorrect features flowing to online models, etc.

Work Culture

“As an organization, we are committed to developing a work culture that empowers and supports our people to continue to learn, grow, do meaningful work, and have a positive impact on the ecosystem. Moreover, our comprehensive policy provides fair and equal opportunity for all,” said Ganu.

Myntra believes that caring and empathy are fundamental principles that guide our employees' methods and policies. For example, we offer unlimited wellness leave and parental and recharging leave to provide optimal support for the well-being of our employees overall. It also leaves no appointments on Wednesdays and leaves work at 5 pm on Fridays, allowing employees to be more focused and productive without being distracted. One of Myntra's differentiators is the tight integration of data science with business, product, and engineering teams. “The level of collaboration I've seen at Myntra is far superior to anything I've experienced elsewhere. This helps data science by allowing other teams to see new problems through a data science lens and is very relevant to the company's performance and goals,” said Ganu.

What can you expect from Mintra?

Myntra said we follow an open work culture where all ideas are respected and decisions are made based on logic. The team also stated that the focus is on research and publishing, and project transition from research to production.

Plus, the company offers excellent learning opportunities from in-house experts and learning opportunities through online courses. It also provides access to a vast array of internal data sources and a variety of data science issues. In a way, this makes Myntra an attractive destination for top data scientists. “We have one of the largest data analytics teams in the United States,” says Ganu.
“If you're someone who wants to deepen machine learning while working with large data sets for problems that have a big impact on your business, we have the right place for you. It's a team for everyone," concludes Ganu.