Momoland Nancy in ‘mental distress’ after leaked photos

MLD Entertainment, the agency for Nancy McDonie of K-pop group Momoland, MLD Entertainment, will bring legal action against those responsible for the leak of pictures of the actress while she changed within their changing room.

Momoland Nancy in ‘mental distress’ after leaked photos

According to the statement issued from the agency images of the star's 20 year old were altered with Photoshop. According to reports, one of the girls' staff members was responsible for taking the photos that were leaked.

Within South Korea, molka or the illegal capture of video or photographs of women in intimate situations is now a major problem because of the numerous stories of cameras being hidden in public bathrooms, fitting rooms, hotels, and many other places.

MLD Entertainment is now working with its lawyers to pursue action against the people behind the scandal.

"Recently photographs that have been illegally altered that are related to Nancy the agency's artist, are being circulated online and on social media. Nancy is the victim of a secret camera image that was then altered by Photoshop," Momoland Nancy's agency announced in a press release yesterday. "The top priority here in terms of protection is Nancy. Please work with us."

The statement of the agency continued: "We would like to let everyone know that we are going to pursue legal action vigourously against the photographer who was illegally photographed and the principal spreads, in collaboration with police as well as overseas police agencies. Through our legal representation the civil and criminal penalties for infraction of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes as well as violations of the Information and Communications Act will be enforced."

As per MLD Entertainment, Momoland Nancy is currently suffering from "mental anxiety" as a result of the incident.

"Nancy is suffering the most severe mental stress. We sincerely ask for your help. We wish there would be no more posts of malicious intent that relate with our artists," the agency said. "We remain committed to put in every effort to safeguard the artists we represent from any further harm by constant monitoring. We will also continue to pursue aggressive legal actions without compromise or settlement. Thank you for your love and helping our artists. We will try our best to safeguard their work."

Momoland has released a number of hit songs, including "Bboom Bboom" "BAAM," "Banana ChaCha" along with "I'm Super Hot". Momoland has grown into one of the most popular K-pop girl groups and has gained worldwide recognition since their debut in the year 2016.

(Source: ASIAONE )