Meta is offering certification courses in AR

Meta is offering certification courses in AR

Meta, Facebook Inc, as previously known,  announced on November 10, 2021 that it is offering a career and  certification program in the field of augmented reality (AR). This course is delivered on the Spark AR  platform,  also owned by Mark Zuckerberg. The

Certification Program is  for  advanced augmented reality creators who want to hone their augmented reality skills in the marketplace, advance their careers, or take advantage of more employment opportunities for brands and agencies.

This course is called the Spark AR Certification and Specialization course. To be certified, you must pass a virtual exam via Facebook Blueprint and  all online practice exams. The cost of the certification course is $150. For the first 2000 contributors to join our stakeholder list, Facebook will pay the full payment.

Course Overview: In the first step of the course, your Spark AR instructor will teach you the basics of the Spark AR platform to help you create fun augmented reality effects. Candidates must pass an online exam. The exam is administered in a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format. After passing the exam, candidates will receive a Facebook-certified Spark AR Creator credential. Course content:

Part 1 before diving Spark AR Instructor teaches you the basics of the Spark AR platform to help you create fun augmented reality effects.

Part 2 Design and Concepts Candidates will learn how to design concept designs, incorporate elements into designs, and create effects in Spark AR with  accessibility in mind.

Part 3 Scene Assembly  introduces the basics of Spark AR in augmented reality design and sheds light on the  process of creating and integrating a platform  for optimal design.

Part 4 Scene Interaction uses Javascript as a technology to help candidates determine how to test and debug scene interactions and signal processing.

Part 5 Testing and Deployment Testing and Deployment offers methods of packaging project bundles to the candidates using the publishing upload workflow within Spark AR.

Candidates interested to register for the certification course can click on the link.