Zenka loan APP [2022]: How to register, apply, borrow and qualify for a loan – App | USSD

You can apply for a fast cash loan via mpesa. To get this loan, you will need the zenka app. The registration is simple. You can also borrow money and apply for loans directly from your phone. All phone types: android, iPhone ios, and none smartphones (kabambe). To qualify for your loan, follow this guide to register with Zenka and apply.

Zenka loan APP [2022]: How to register, apply, borrow and qualify for a loan – App | USSD

You can apply for a fast cash loan via mpesa. To get this loan, you will need the zenka app. The registration is simple. You can also borrow money and apply for loans directly from your phone. All phone types: android, iPhone ios, and none smartphones (kabambe). To qualify for your loan, follow this guide to register with Zenka and apply.

The zenka loan app is a new loan app in Kenya that has quickly become a popular choice for cash emergencies. In just one year, the zenka application has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times on the android market. That's crazy!

This is a sign that Zenka lends money efficiently and quickly to many Kenyans. This is especially true if you have no collateral and need urgent cash. Here's how to apply for a Zenka loan.

How to Apply for a Zenka Loan

You can apply for a loan using the zenka app on both your Android phone as well as your Apple iPhone. You can also apply for a loan using your Zenka USSD number (borrow a loan for non-smartphone owners).

Zenka allows you to apply for loans regardless of your mobile phone model, which could be an Android phone, an iPhone, or an android phone.

Let's start by showing you how to apply for a Zenka loan using very easy steps on your Android phone.

How to apply for a Zenka Loan using the Android App

Make sure to have downloaded Zenka and completed Zenka's application process before you apply for a Zenka loan.

  1. Open Zenka app
  2. In , press' to sign in .
  3. After verifying your mobile number, press next.
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN, and then press Sign in.
  5. It will show you how much money and how many days it takes to repay.
  6. Click'Apply Now
  7. Confirm the details of your loan, including the 'Total amount, due date, Next repayment, number of installments, and principal.
  8. Select 'GET LOAN'.
  9. Your application will then be reviewed.
  10. An SMS will be sent from Zenka to number 40730, informing you that your loan has been processed.
  11. Your loan will be sent through m-pesa. It takes approximately 5 minutes.

This is how to apply for a loan through the Zenka Android app. You don't need to complete a paper application form to apply for a zenka loan. The loans are also sent to your mpesa account within five minutes.

You don't need a smartphone to apply for a loan. The Zenka loan USSD Code can be used to apply for a loan.

All phones can access the Zenka USSD service. It uses the phone dialing feature.

To access the zenka loan via USSD the user must dial *841#. This phone dialing feature works on all phones. You don't need to download the app on either your iPhone or Android phone in order to apply for a ussd zenka loan.

If downloading the Zenka app is too much work, you can use the zenka loan USSD code *841#.

Follow these steps to apply for a loan with the zenka USSD number.

How to apply for a Zenka loan using the zenka USSD Code *841#

These steps will help you apply for a mobile loan from Zenka Mobile Loans if you don't own a smartphone.

  1. Call *841# to get on the phone
  2. Next, enter your PIN.
  3. Select 'Apply for full' or the amount that you require.
  4. The next step is to see how much you are eligible for.
  5. Choose the loan amount that you require.
  6. Select the loan repayment term, and confirm.
  7. The loan will be sent to your mobile phone via your mpesa account.

Get a Zenka loan for your apple iOS phone

Zenka also offers an iOS app. After you have downloaded and installed it to your phone, will follow the same steps as for Android users.

What makes Zenka so beloved in Kenya?

Ever been in a situation that required an immediate loan? You may be paying rent and your landlord is taking your case seriously. Or maybe you're cooking for guests and suddenly your gas runs dry. Na wageni Wago sitting room wakingoja Chai These situations require quick loans, which you can access via mpesa on your mobile device.

Zenka loan app is the solution. It offers a quick and simple way to apply for a loan and you can get approved quickly.

Zenka allows you to apply for loans using your smartphone via the android app. You can also use any phone (including a kabambe) to apply for a loan by using the USSD Code #841*.

You need to follow the following steps: downloading zenka app; signing up for a Zenka account; and finally applying online for a Zenka loan.

How do you download the zenka loan app to your phone

These steps will allow you to download Zenka

    1. Open Google Play Store on your smartphone.
    2. Enter Zenka loan app and type it in.
    3. Choose the "Zenka loan application"
    4. Click the "Install" button.

  1. To agree to the app's access rights, select'accept '
  2. Wait for the Zenka app download to finish, then it will automatically install.
  3. Next, press "open".

You will first need to download the Zenka app from the Google Play Store to gain access to the Zenka Mobile Loan.

After you have created an account, the app will allow you to apply for and be approved for a loan. When downloaded, the app takes 10 MB. When zenka has been installed fully with all its features it takes up about 90 MB.

You will need at least 100 MB to install the Zenka loan app on your smartphone. You should also ensure that you have sufficient internet bundles (minimum 20 MB) or a stable wi fi connection.

Register for a Zenka account to apply for a loan. Next, you'll be able to access the zenka application and start applying for loans.

We will guide you through the process of requesting a loan via Zenka's loan app.

Register to open a Zenka loan account via the app

These steps will help you register for your Zenka account

    1. Get the Zenka loan app
    2. Next, press'register'. It will say 'New Customer? Register here

    1. Now, Enter your mobile number. 07** ****** * Please note that zenka loans are only available to Safaricom subscribers
    2. Click'Next'
    3. Fill in the following basic information about yourself.
    4. Begin with your first and last names, and National ID numbers.
    5. Next, fill out the section'Tell Us More About You'.
    6. Choose your education level (Basic/Secondary or Vocational Training), source income (Employed - Public Sector, Employed-Private Sector, Self-employed/Unemployed, Student), 20,000, 20,001, 30,000, 30,000, 50,000, 50,0001- 100,000, >100,000., and a'email.
    7. Next, fill in the section'help me secure my account'.
    8. Select your security question first. Start by selecting your security question. What high school did your family attend?

    1. Enter a 4-digit pin where it says "create a 4-digit Pin". Your PIN cannot contain repeated numbers, e.g. The same number, e.g. 1111 or numbers that follow one another e.g. 1234
    2. Enter promo code AJWBG
    3. Now click 'AGREE AND SIGN-UP'
    4. Zenka will send you a confirmation SMS confirming your registration.
    5. Next, verify the mobile number with the SMS code that Zenka has sent you.

  1. Invite friends is the final step. You can skip this step by pressing "No thanks"
  2. Now you are ready to apply for Zenka loans.

Please note: When filling out the zenka online registration for your loan application you must enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport. If you fail to do so, the app will show an error stating that the names are not compatible.

Register for a Zenka loan using the USSD code *841#

Follow the steps by dialing *841# from your phone.

UPDATE Apply for a loan through the Zenka loan platform. Simply dial *841# or *483*101# to begin the process. Register first and then find out how much money is available to you as a loan.

Rights Zenka must be accessed on your phone

Zenka's loan application process is fully automated. To be able access the mobile loan app, however, you will need to have a few rights to your mobile phone.

These are your rights before you can install the zenka loan application.

  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Localization
  • SMS
  • Telefon
  • Information about WI-FI connections
  • Call information and device ID

Loan repayment

After you have been approved for the loan, the amount you borrowed will be due back. If you are borrowing the amount for the first time, there will be no interest charges. When applying for a loan, make sure to use the AJWBG promotion code.

A Zenka loan has a loan repayment period of 61 days. Two instalments are usually required. After one month, the first instalment must be repaid. This is the 1 st 30 day. The second instalment must be paid by the due date of 61 days.

Repay Zenka Loan using the app

These steps are to be followed

  1. Open zenka (ensure your data is connected).
  2. In , press.
  3. Confirm your account by pressing next. (Zenka account refers to your Safaricom telephone number).
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN, and then press SIGN in
  5. Choose the REPAY option
  6. Next, choose the amount that you wish to pay.
  7. Click REPAY
  8. Wait for the mpesaxpress screen to appear.
  9. Next, Type your m-pesa code then press OK.
  10. Zenka will send you an text message from 40730 to confirm your loan payment.
  11. The total amount due will reflect the updated amount.

This is how you repay your loan. Zenka charges a processing fee on money borrowed. Pay attention to the late fees and penalties Zenka charges for loans not repaid in due time.

Zenka loan limit

Imagine if banks and mobile loan apps could lend unlimited amounts of money! That would be amazing!

This is unfortunately not true.

This applies to both the app and the loan limit. The minimum amount that you can apply for with zenka is Ksh 500. Maximum amount you are eligible for is 30,000

However, this is dependent on how you apply to the app for a loan. The loan limit for those who apply via the zenka app is Ksh 500 to Ksh 30.000. The loan limit for those applying using the zenka USSD Code is Ksh 500 to Ksh 10,000.

How can you increase your Zenka loan limit.

There are many ways to increase your loan limit. The best way to do this is to make sure that you pay your loan off on time. Also, you should borrow as much as possible on the app and use m-pesa frequently.

Repay your zenka loans in time

By ensuring that your Zenka loan is paid on time, you tell the app you are not a risk. This means that you are a good borrower. Zenka's loan app does not require you to provide security to apply for loans. Instead, it uses advanced tech to build a financial profile. Late payments on your loan will indicate that you are not a trustworthy borrower. This means that your loan limit won't increase.

Borrow often from Zenka app

Your record with Zenka will grow as you borrow more and pay back more loans. The app can then keep a detailed history of transactions. Your limit will grow as you make more transactions.

Use m-pesa to transact frequently

Make sure that you use mpesa often. Zenka will check your messages, particularly m-pesa, to determine if you are qualified for a loan. Therefore, the more you use M-PESA, the greater your chances of increasing your loan limit.

Zenka loan interest rate (processing fee)

Most people know that a loan comes with an interest rate, which is a fee. This is how businesses and other institutions that lend money make a profit.

Is there an interest rate on the zenka loan? For any amount borrowed, zenka charges a 9-29% processing fee. Although it is not considered an interest fee, it works in the same manner.

You will also notice that the first loan is free for those who apply for a loan on the zenka platform.

This means that you can apply for a loan to get your money. The amount you borrow will be repaid at 0% interest when it is due, which usually happens after 61 days.

Loan repayment period

The app gives you a loan repayment period of 61 days for a Zenka loan. You must repay the loan within 61 days. However, you can also pay it in two monthly installments.

You must pay the first installment within 30 days. The first installment must be paid within 30 days. After that, the next installment must be completed before the 61-day period ends. To avoid late payment, make sure to follow this repayment plan.

Do you find it difficult to repay your Zenka loan repayments? There's no reason to panic. A small fee can be paid to extend your loan. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Zenka loan extensions.

How to Apply for a Zenka Loan Extension

Here's how to extend your Zenka loan. These are the steps to follow

    1. Open Zenka Loan App (make sure that you are connected to the internet).
    2. In , press.
    3. Confirm your account, and then press next. (Safaricom phone number)
    4. Enter your 4-digit PIN, and then press SIGN in
    5. Select the 'REQUIRED MORE TIME TO REPAY option from the main screen.

  1. There are options to extend your loan for 7, 14, or 30 days. Each comes with a fee.

What penalty is there for late payment on Zenka loan?

Sometimes, things happen that require cash. This means that you can't repay your loan.

What is the Zenka loan penalty for late payments? Zenka will charge a 1% penalty rate on the principal amount borrowed for every day that you fail to repay the loan.

They say kuomba harusi, kulipa matanga. Keep this in mind when repaying your Zenka loan. To buy extra time while you wait to repay your loan, you can request a Zenka loan Extension.

Zenka Member - Invite friends to borrow from zenka through the referral program

Refer friends to the loan app with the zenka member-get member (MGM). This is done by referring zenka to others using a unique code. The code for saidia's is AJWBG.

It's now up to your friends and family to use this code to register their Zenka account. After downloading the Zenka app and installing it on their phone, this is what you do.

You, as the person who invited them, will receive a bonus amount in Zenka's account after they have repaid their 1 loan.

The minimum amount that the loan app will pay out is KES 200 in bonuses. This applies only to five friends who have applied for and paid their loans back in full.

You can use the bonus money you have received in your Zenka account to pay off your outstanding loans with zenka. This guide from zenka explains the member-get-member program terms and conditions.

Popular celebrities who use Zenka and apply the zenka membership get member referral program include: jalangoo; mca tricky; pascal tokodi; Alex Mwakideu; Kamene Ngoro; Esther Chebet; Mwende Macharia, and Billy Miya.


Zenka Contacts: Phone number, email and Facebook

Are you having a problem with the Zenka app? Do you need customer service to help? These zenka contacts can help you do this.

Phone number: +2540207650878

Email address: support@zenka.co.ke

Facebook page: Zenka Facebook.

Twitter page: @zenkafinance

Forgot your Zenka PIN? Here's how to reset your Zenka PIN. This step-by-step guide will help you.

How to reset your Zenka app PIN

  1. Start the zenka app and make sure that your data is connected.
  2. In , press.
  3. Confirm your account by pressing next (Safaricom phone number).
  4. In the upper right corner of your screen, click on Forgot PIN
  5. Your [link: security query]security question will be asked.
  6. Enter/type the secret answer, and then press CONTINUE
  7. With your new Pin, you will receive an SMS by Zenka
  8. Enter your PIN to access your Zenka account.

It is important to know that in order to reset your Zenka PIN you will need to enter the answer to the security query.

Zenka app security query

You will need to choose a security question when you register for an account on Zenka. This is for backup purposes in case your PIN number gets lost.

This will usually be done under the help me secure my account section. Select one question from the three options that are available.

  • What's your maiden name?
  • In which town were you born?
  • Which high school did your family attend?

Make sure to keep your answer safe and accessible so that you can quickly find it when you need it.

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that you must follow to apply for a Zenka loan.

  • A one-time processing fee is charged of 9-29% of principal amount borrowed.
  • There is no minimum repayment period. This means that you can repay the principal amount (principal) anytime after receiving the money (disbursement to your m–pesa account).
  • Safaricom mobile customers are not eligible for loans.


Zenka is an easy and reliable app for borrowing mpesa loan in Kenya. Many Kenyans trust it, and have endorsed it by influential people. Install the Zenka app on you phone now to apply for your first loan.

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