The virtual economy plans to create a Disney NFT world for adults(Disney Metaverse)

Thanks to computer entertainment, a  growing digital population is looking for social and economic gaming opportunities. The virtual economy plans to create a Disney Metaverse

The virtual economy plans to create a Disney NFT world for adults(Disney Metaverse)

Thanks to computer entertainment, a  growing digital population is looking for social and economic gaming opportunities. 

Today's population has grown significantly from childhood to digital citizens enjoying the wonders of computer entertainment. It can be an online game for kids, a virtual social interaction for teens,  and  a mix of work and play for adults. However,  social interaction is becoming the most successful form of online entertainment, providing new and more authentic gaming experiences. 

As a result, the boundaries between reality and virtual reality are blurred, and reality is further strengthened by tokenization. With tokenization and consequently non-fungible tokens (NFTs), data and other assets that people value in the real world  can be digitally formatted and viewed or used virtually. For this reason, one asset is more valuable and the digital world is more attractive. 

Cardinal Entertainment has been tasked with giving players the beginning of an endless universe of NFT zombies called Zoombies. Zombies can be collected as valuable assets like  standard NFTs, but with the added ability to interact with things that can only be described as "Disney NFTs for Adults". Since launch, the Zoombies NFT and ZOOM tokens have proven to be the two best tokens on Moonriver that have been around since their September launch. 

Unlike current gameplay features, Zoombies NFT continues to gain value by interacting in micro-experiences, each representing a different area of ​​gameplay known as a "service center". Co-ownership of Zoombies NFT and  ZOOM tokens provides members the opportunity to engage in a truly immersive socio-economic gameplay experience. 

The Future of Socio-Economic Gameplay

To revolutionize the future of gaming, Zoombies operates as an ERC721 NFT collectible card game on the Moonriver blockchain. As a partner of the Zoombies project, the Moonbeam Foundation is a promising  blockchain developer and  recently developed an interoperable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain running on Kusama. Users can compare this scenario to when Bitcoin (BTC) is a bank and Ethereum (ETH) is a Walmart, where Kusama (Polkadot) becomes a shopping mall that shares infrastructure with its  underlying stores. The Zoombies Service Center is the backbone of the Zoom economy. In this real economy, players  face real costs and  great profit potential through engaging gameplay. As users interact with other fulfillment centers, they will face different rules or interfaces with respect to the Zoombies NFT launch  on Kusama Moonriver on September 1, 2021.

In a series of future developments. Users can log into the store to issue limited edition NFTs and burn ZOOM tokens in  the betting system. Since then, the project team has  shared plans to  relay  tokens across multiple chains, including Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing them to create an expanded collection of cross-chain economic gameplay. More about ZOMBIES NFT WORLD HERE On the development side, Cardinal Entertainment has announced that  Zoombies NFT Market and Zoombies NFT Garden  will launch in Q4 2021. The first is an individual NFT auction designed specifically for the ZOOM economy. The latter is based on Cardinal Entertainment's virtual pet game, Zombie Pets, and aims to guide zombie plants through their animated lifecycle using a real-time clock from which players can obtain game resources.  Other developments in the 2022 plan include a zombie-fighting arena and collection management and trading services. 

Infinite Universe Construction

The creation of the infinite universe is reduced to  subsystems and higher subsystems built upon the union of the infinite powers of many minds working towards a common goal. Without the built-in royalties, studios can easily develop and monetize instruments or games, making the deal a win-win. 

Reviewing progress towards this goal, the team members said: By creating NFT service levels for autonomous consumption of data on the chain, we can save time.” 

As a result, the team proposes new ideas for service centers and provides additional support to strategic partners to realize these concepts. .